Islam claims to be a religion of peace.

The problem with Islam appears to be Muslims.

Muslims are concentrated in North and Central Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Asian-Pacific Islands. Most of the world’s present trouble spots are related to Muslim interaction with non-Muslims. In fact, it is almost impossible to read a major newspaper without finding at least one story related to Muslim violence… somewhere in the world other than Iraq.

There is a basic, underlying tenet of Islam that the duty of Muslims is to “bring” Islam to the non-believers. Unfortunately, bringing Islam becomes force when convincing doesn’t work.

Certainly, this is NOT the way of life among MOST who call themselves Muslims. But there is a growing segment among Muslims who believe in “Islam by any means“.

This is not rocket science or brain surgery.

Radical Islamists are a threat to world peace. Pick your place… America… Russia… China… India… Africa… the Philippines… Malaysia… and on and on. Radical Islamists are the world’s new Communists… the Islamic Manifesto is the product of these extremists. And there can only be one end if they are not stopped soon: world war.

Think about it. The U.S. and Europe to the west; Russia to the north; India and China to the East… all in conflict with Islam… Muslims. Tolerance is about to end. Mark my word on this… unless Radical Islamists are contained and eliminated, there will be a major war involving the Islamic World and the rest of the world within 20 years. The trend is there. The Radical Islamists are arming themselves for the battle. They delude themselves with the belief that what they do is for the “glory of Allah”. It is the Millennium’s new Dark Age.

And we delude ourselves into thinking Americans have a “failed policy” in Iraq because these Radical Islamists resist their efforts at democracy. Of course they resist. They have no intention of sharing this world with any of us. We must resist our idealistic leaders who ask, “Can’t we all just get along?” and those who chastise those of us who would dare say anything negative about Islam as “legitimate” religion.

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  1. pramod malhotra says:

    Our rulers are not towing the line of being tolerant and favourable to islamic countries and Islamists for nothing. They are either being compensated or threatened with their lives. Fools do not know ultimately they are going to pay for being in bad company like Pakistani army is going through.

  2. Realy islam is a threat to the world peace,today in kogi state,nigeria. 15 worshippers in deeper life bible church were killed by islamic terror group boko haram,islam is bad.

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