Breaking the manacles of Islam

A specter is haunting the Mullahs.  The specter of Islamic truth.  Pardon me for paraphrasing those two famous lines of Karl Marx from his ‘The Manifesto of the Communist Party.’  I could find no better sentences than those two lines about the frantic efforts by the Mullahs to cover up the true colors of Islam in the world of Internet.  Many recent essays in NFB (News From Bangladesh), secularIslam, Rational Thinking, etc., have exposed the other side of many religions including the Islam.  The writers of these essays have taken great risks in terms of their personal safety to expose the intolerance, cruelty, injustices and irrationalities of many facets of Islam, the religion of “Peace.”  Their forceful arguments, painstaking researched and extraordinary dedication are really going to shake the very foundation of the religion.  I think the Mullahs could never believe that there is so much of disgust and disdain for the irrationalities and the backwardness in Islam in the present-day context.  They thought that the fear of death sentence and the declaration of Jihad (Holy War) would silence the voices of rationality, logic and progress.  No wonder, the Mullahs are desperate to counter attack with theirs every possible means.  Amongst them are the illogical blind quotations of fear, the mindless hate, personal attacks, intimidation, charges of apostasy and blasphemy and what not.  If only they could identify and catch those Kafirs and the infidels, I am sure they cannot wait to hang them in public.  Unfortunately, the cyber world is too huge for them to start the killing spree.  Therefore, they have little choice but to resort to intellectual assassinations. 

After reading through a number of those venomous essays by these Islamists, I could categorize them into two broad groups; namely:FOR FULL STORY CLICK HERE

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  1. A.L.Rawal says:

    The first thing that all Hindus must do is to catch all Sadhus and Sadhvis and marry them to eachother so that they produce Hindu children. Hindu population is going down. If they are reduced in numbers as it is feared in the next twenty years then all desires to liberate from the tentacles of Arabia imperialis will go up in smoke.

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