Towards self destruction

                                                                       If the Hindu does not make a serious

                  and determined effort

     Towards persuading his Muslim brethren to renounce the doctrine of jihad,

    if he does not devote his heart and soul to devise adequate means of

     achieving that end, in a word, if he does not shed his deep-seated indifference

     to things Islamic, then he is most certainly proceeding towards self-destruction

and that too in a not very distant future. Mohammedans talk of universal brotherhood, but what comes

     out of that in reality? Why, anybody who is not Mohammedan will

  not be admitted into the brotherhood; he will more likely have his throat

 cut. Christians talk of universal brotherhood; but anyone who is not a

   Christian must go to that place where he will be eternally barbecued.

– Swami Vivekananda

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  1. A.L.Rawal says:

    So many Hindu scholars and intellectuals like Dr. Pravin Togadia, Dr. Subramanium Swamy, B.L.Shrama Prem and others are tyring to convince the Jihadis to give up their Jihad but who listens? Their bid to convince them is serious and very sincere. But the question is who will follow their advice? They openly say: Islam and The Rest” which means they are ready to attack every civilisation throughout the world and convert it to Islam or destroy it. This has been going on for centuries.

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