The first sound ever heard in the universe

Pranava, Om is the Universe
“That by which God is effectively praised ”
“That which is ever now. ”
Pranava means something which pervades
life or run through Prana or breath.

What was the very first sound ever heard in the universe?

Scientists have debated this point for decades. With modern technology came sophisticated simulation models that has allowed scientists to recreate quite possibly the very first sound ever heard in the universe.

They excitedly describe that sound as being equivalent to a primal scream. You and I would think that the universe began with a huge explosion and thus caused a deafening sound. Scientists don’t think so. In fact, many theorize that the universe began almost silent with radial motion and no sideways motion and no pressure waves. A growing hiss became a roaring freight train but at no time the sound was obscenely loud.

While scientists debate what was the first sound ever to occur in the universe the Indian gurus from the first millennium already knew what it was and had documented it extensively in ancient Indian scriptures known as Upanishads. That very first sound, according to the Upanishads, is OM. The sound OM was made at the onset of the big bang and it resonates within our being. OM has the power to bind us with the universe and derives from within it incredible strength to power our everyday life on Earth.

If you believe from quantum physics that matter is made up of vibrating, pulsating energy then it makes sense that this vibration has a sound. The Hindu Upanishads state that the sound is OM. OM is actually made up of three separate sounds, A-U-M, that together make the sound, OM. It is said that if you keep still, totally still, and listen in silence then you can her the universe buzzing with this sound.

The Manduka Upanishad spends considerable time explaining the sound OM and the power of the sound OM. It explains that there are four planes of consciousness to the sound OM (AUM).

“A” (as in “AH”) resonates in the center of the mouth. This sound represents normal waking consciousness. Then the sound “U” (pronounced as in “who”) transfers the sense of vibration to the back of the mouth and shifts the plane of consciousness to the level of dream consciousness. Think of this as the inner world. This sound ties the physical plane of consciousness to the inner world of consciousness. This is the world of dreams and imagination. “M” is the third sound that is hummed with the lips closed. This sound resonates forward in the mouth causing a buzzing sensation. This sound represents deep dreamless sleep. This is where pure is at it’s purest and consciousness exists in its finest pristine form. At the end of these three sounds is silence. When you very still and in a state of deep meditation this silence at the end of AUM is the deepest silence you will ever experience in life. This is where your listening awareness is deepest and most expansive.

Intoning this ancient sound said to be the very first sound ever heard in the universe can have a magical effect on your spirit and your body. Indian gurus who retire to the mountain for spells of meditation that last years if not decades intone this sound endlessly with a pause of deep silence in the middle. Indian fables are full of gurus who intone this sound for years becoming blessed with remarkable mystical powers.

Try it. Just intoning this sound for a couple of minutes everyday with focus and concentration can have a remarkable effect on your body and spirit.

P.S. If the first sound ever heard in the universe can give you that life sustaining energy and power from the cosmos, what can the second, third, fourth and fifth sounds do for you? It turns out that the cosmos provided us with specially crafted sounds which when intoned in a certain manner can enhance health, wealth and happiness in your life. As I continue my research of the Indian Upanishads with a keen scientific eye, I will reveal to you all the secrets that I find that can help us live an amazing life.


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