Lyrics of

Vande Mataram

वन्दे मातरम् 
सुजलां सुफलां मलयजशीतलाम्
शस्यशामलां मातरम् । 
सुहासिनीं सुमधुर भाषिणीं
सुखदां वरदां मातरम् ।। १ ।। वन्दे मातरम् ।
अबला केन मा एत बले ।
बहुबलधारिणीं नमामि तारिणीं 
रिपुदलवारिणीं मातरम् ।। २ ।। वन्दे मातरम् ।
तुमि विद्या, तुमि धर्म 
तुमि हृदि, तुमि मर्म
त्वं हि प्राणा: शरीरे 
बाहुते तुमि मा शक्ति, 
हृदये तुमि मा भक्ति, 
तोमारई प्रतिमा गडि 
मन्दिरे-मन्दिरे मातरम् ।। ३ ।। वन्दे मातरम् ।
त्वं हि दुर्गा दशप्रहरणधारिणी 
कमला कमलदलविहारिणी
वाणी विद्यादायिनी, नमामि त्वाम् 
नमामि कमलां अमलां अतुलां 
सुजलां सुफलां मातरम् ।। ४ ।। वन्दे मातरम् ।
श्यामलां सरलां सुस्मितां भूषितां 
धरणीं भरणीं मातरम् ।। ५ ।। वन्दे मातरम् ।।

Translation by Sri Aurobindo 
Mother, I bow to thee! 
Rich with thy hurrying streams, 
bright with orchard gleams, 
Cool with thy winds of delight, 
Dark fields waving Mother of might, 
Mother free.

Glory of moonlight dreams, 
Over thy branches and lordly streams, 
Clad in thy blossoming trees, 
Mother, giver of ease 
Laughing low and sweet! 
Mother I kiss thy feet, 
Speaker sweet and low! 
Mother, to thee I bow.

Who hath said thou art weak in thy lands 
When the sword flesh out in the seventy million hands 
And seventy million voices roar 
Thy dreadful name from shore to shore? 
With many strengths who art mighty and stored, 
To thee I call Mother and Lord! 
Though who savest, arise and save! 
To her I cry who ever her foeman drove 
Back from plain and Sea 
And shook herself free.

Thou art wisdom, thou art law, 
Thou art heart, our soul, our breath 
Though art love divine, the awe 
In our hearts that conquers death. 
Thine the strength that nervs the arm, 
Thine the beauty, thine the charm. 
Every image made divine 
In our temples is but thine.

Thou art Durga, Lady and Queen, 
With her hands that strike and her 
swords of sheen, 
Thou art Lakshmi lotus-throned, 
And the Muse a hundred-toned, 
Pure and perfect without peer, 
Mother lend thine ear, 
Rich with thy hurrying streams, 
Bright with thy orchard gleems, 
Dark of hue O candid-fair

In thy soul, with jewelled hair 
And thy glorious smile divine, 
Lovilest of all earthly lands, 
Showering wealth from well-stored hands! 
Mother, mother mine! 
Mother sweet, I bow to thee, 
Mother great and free!

Rishi Bankim Chandra Chattopadhya created Vande Mataram on 7th Sept. 1882.

HE Media Centre : Kolkata :: Rishi Bankim Chandra Chattopadhya created Vande Mataram on 7th Sept. 1882. This was mostly influenced the Indian Freedom Struggle against British as a lightening spirit of all inspiration of Nationalism in modern India. Vande Mataram was finally set in Bankim’s most revolutionary novel Anandamath. Anandamath and Vande Mataram are considered as the seeds of Hindu Rashtravad (HINDU STATE IDEOLOGY). And as per Sri Aurobinda, Sanatan Dharma is the Nationalism in India. Dr. Hedgewad declared this Nation as an undisputed HINDU NATION.

Though it is the mother source of all patriotism and Indian Nationalism in modern time, the hymn of Vande Mataram has been truncated by the Congress betrayers for the cause o Muslim appeasement. All the Hindus and the ardent Nationalists should sing the complete hymns of Vande Mataram with full veneration all along. But for keeping the spirit of our regards high to this ever delightful song of synthesis of Bhratiya Tradition, Culture, Heritage and Nationalism, we should sing this song fully on 7th September by observing Vande Mataram Day everywhere in this country. In such way, our future generation will come up to take an oath to preserve Vande Mataram intact from the attack of Congress and the fundamental maroons. VANDE MATARAM.

Maharishi Shri Aurtobindo Ghosh (1872-1950)

Cover page of the book of 1923.

First page of Vande MataramPublished in CAWNPORE in 1923

A truly magnificent tribute was paid by Shri.Aurobindo to Shri.Bankim Chandra Chaterjee in the following words: “When posterity comes to crown with her praises for the Makers of India, she will place her most splendid laurel not on the sweating temples of a place-hunting politician, not on the narrow forehead of a noisy social reformer, but on the serene brow of that gracious Bengali Shri.Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, who never clamoured for place or power, but did his work in silence for love of his work, even as nature does, and just because he had no aim but to give out the best that was in him, was able to CREATE A LANGUAGE, A LITERATURE AND A NATION”.

वन्दे मातरम्

Bande Mataram

Hail Mother, I bow to thee!



Nature supplies thee with all thy wants,

With Sweet Water.



And with luscious fruits


शस्यश्यामलां मातरम्

Malayaja Sheetalam

Shashya Shyamalam Mataram


Thou art soothed by balmy breeze

Ever verdant with green herbage


शुभ्र ज्योत्स्ना पुलकित यामिनीम्

Shubra-jyostna-pulakita yamineem

Thy nights ever resplendent with silver moons

फुल्ल कुसुमित द्रुमदलशोभिनीम्


Bedecked thou art in flowery plants




Ever cheerful, ever bright

सुमधुर भाषिणीम्

सुखदां वरदां मातरम्



Full of promise and of hope;

Mother, thou bestoweth sweet pleasure

and happiness divine


सप्तकोटि कण्ठ कलकल निनाद कराले

द्विसप्त कोटि भुजैर्ध्रत खरकरवाले

Thy cause championed thy thirty crores of souls,
Twice thirty crores of arms to defend thee

के बोले मा तुमी अबलेके बोले मा तुमी अबले

बहुबल धारिणीम्


Bahubala dharineem

Who says mother thou art feeble?
Thou commandest immense strength

नमामि तारिणीम्

Namami tarineem

 Our salvation lies in thee;

(Hail mother I bow to thee!)

रिपुदलवारिणीम् मातरम्

Ripudalavarineem Mataram

Thou hast power to ward off foes,

Mother I bow to thee


श्यामलां सरलां सुस्मितां भूषिताम्

धरणीं भरणीं मातरम् 

Shyamalam saralam Susmitam Bhushitam

Dharaneem Bharaneem MataramEver happy and ever simple

Ever bright and ever beautiful
Thou our support, our nourishment,
I bow to thee.

Painting of Bharat-Mata by Shri.Abanindranath Tagore

“Vande Mataram was composed even before the “Ananda Math” was written. However, it became part of the Ananda Math. Here it is necessary to stress the similarities between the Indian National Movement and the Irish Nationalist Movement. Just as the Irish Nationalist Movement inspired by great poets like W.B.Yeats had its beginnings in the Gaelic Revival, so was Shri.Aurobindo’s English translation of Vande Mataram triggered off by Bankim Chandra’s song. As Shri Aurobindo put it, ‘it was Bankim Chandra’s “Ananda Math” that gave us the reviving mantra of ‘Vande Mataram’—a glorious mantra which is creating a new India.” And Shri.Aurobindo developed this point in his own characteristically eloquent stream: “For what is a nation? What is our mother country? It is not a piece of earth, nor a figure of speech nor a fiction of the mind. It is a mighty ‘Shakti’ composed of all the ‘Shakties’ of all the millions of units that make up the nation, just as Bhawani, Mahisha, Mardini sprang into being from the Shakti of all the millions of Gods assembled in one mass of force and welded into unity. The Shakti we call India, Bhawani-Bharathi is the living unity of the Shakties of 300 million people”…..For Vande Mataram expresses the aims and power of the Indian Nation as the Marseillaise embodied the ideal of awakened France or as the aspirations of Ireland are expressed in the song of Ethana Carberry.”

 Vande Mataram is something more than the defense of the Motherland. It is a song of struggle for liberty and preservation of our cultural heritage. I am presenting below a beautiful painting of BHARATA-MATA done byShri.Abanindranath Tagore (Bengali: অবণীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর) (August 7, 1871 – December 5, 1951), who was the principal artist of the Bengal school and the first major exponent of swadeshi values in Indian art. Shri.Abanindranath Tagorebelieved that Western art was “materialistic” in character, and that India needed to return to its own traditions in order to recover spiritual values. Shri.Abanindranath Tagore’s famous painting of BHARAT-MATA was done during the stormy days of the Swadeshi Movement in Bengal in 1905 following the Partition of Bengal brought about by Lord Curzon,the then Viceroy of India. This beautiful painting of BHARAT-MATA was inspired by the sublime National Song of Vande Mataram composed by Shri.Bankim Chandra Chatterjee.






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  1. A.L.Rawal says:

    It is indeed a feast to see the Song Divine illustrated as it has been seen here in the website. It is sad that our Song Divine sung in honour of motherland is made a cause of dispute by the fascist forces. It was so when the fight for freedom was being fought. They objected to the singing of this song at the functions of the Congress also. But its reproduction here in illustrated form would make our voices louder to sing it more beautifully and loudly. The dark clouds of fascism are hovering our civilisation. This song will give us strength to ward off these dangers. Long Live Mother India. VANDE MATARAM.

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