Just cursing and hating Sonia/Rahul/Manmohan won’t help at all. BJP/RSS/VHP/Arya-Samaj/Shankarchary/most Hindu religious leaders, politicians, media people, intellectual class people of all professions are Muslim sycophants stupid people. They all are either coward or super-idiot or cunning people who praise, respect, favor and support Muslims either due to their cowardice, stupidity or vested interests.BJP’s Advani, Jaswant etc are worshipers of Jinnah and Pak. They are big sycophants of Muslims. Advani’s niece has been married to a Muslim and Advani attended the marriage ceremony perhaps to bless her to produce dozens of Muslim children from her Muslim husband. These Muslim children (Grandsons of Advani) would later cut the throats of Hindus/Sikhs and terrorize the whole world under Islamic jihad.

There are large number of Hindu/Sikh/Jain/Buddhist supporters including the stupid Bal Thackray (who is mistakenly considered as Hindu voice) of MF Hussein who sketched nude and extremely vulgar images of Hindu god/goddess/Bollywood-actresses.Thackray’s grand daughter is married to a Muslim,his nephew’s daughter too have “nikaah”with a Muslim. 

 A.B. Vajpayee was a fool who did historic but foolish as well as cowardice Lahore bus-journey just to please Pakistanis. This is the inherent weakness of all Hindu/Sikh leaders/individual to seek opportunity to please Muslims and do their sycophancy. He later invited wicked Musharraf (the main culprit of the Kargil war) and provided him a red-carpet welcome. Cunning Musharraf vomited poison against India in his one-sided press conference at Agra after taking Vajpayee’s special dinner. He openly said Pakistan would continue to support Kashmiri separatists till Kashmir is freed from India. Vajpayee was a total failure against Pakistan except his face-saver win in Kargil war that was won at the price of the lives of about six hundred Indian Army Jawans.

 Most BJP leaders are rotten useless people just like congress politicians. So are the politicians of left parties and regional parties. Same is the case with RSS leaders who have established Rashtriya Muslim Manch just to please Muslims. RSS and BJP are so stupid that they say that everyone who lives in Indian Territory is a Hindu. As per their definition, every Muslim is also a Hindu despite ardently following Koran/sharia/sira/hadith/Muhammad. Hence, BJP/RSS/VHP won’t have problem when a Muslim (as he is also a Hindu as per their definition) becomes the PM or the chief commander of Army/Air-force/Navy/BSF of India.

 It has been mentioned above that BJP, known to be a Hindu nationalist party, is raising hue and cry that the present Congress Party-led Government is indulging in Muslim appeasement through the Hajj subsidy. Yet, when BJP was in power, it increased the Hajj quota and the subsidy. Moreover, previously the Hajj pilgrims had to move to Mumbai to board the planes for Jeddah. But the BJP government, spending several thousand crores of rupees, erected Hajj rest-houses in every metropolitan city and made it possible for the Hajj pilgrims to board the planes for Jeddah in their home towns.

So, we must not don’t blindly support BJP/RSS/VHP or any other party or organization or individual politician/person. They must be judged objectively as well as subjectively against every particular issue as per their actions and policies. Every party or organization or individual should be appreciated if they do well, but must be severely condemned and criticized if they fail to take right decision/action. We must work hard to unite Hindus by inter-caste marriages and make a caste-less Hindu society. Good leaders like Narendra Modi and good parties (none exists in India at present) would automatically emerge in due course (in about 5 to 7 years of starting a large-scale inter caste marriage campaign) who can lead Hindus/Sikhs/Buddhists/Jain/Parsi/Christians of India to decisively fight against Muslims (Islam) as well as rampant corruption in India.

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  1. Anil Gupta says:

    In 1969 Indian National Congress split into two- Congress Syndicate and Congress-I i.e. Indira Congress. But Indira Gandhi decided to take on the Syndicate head on. She launched a slogan Garibi Hatao.” Wo kahte hain Indira hatao, mai kahti hoon garibi hatao”. People gave her overwhelming support and more than two third majority in 1971 elections. In 1998 after coming to power at the centre as NDA the BJP lost its credibility. Today the biggest problem with the BJP in UP is complete loss of credibility. If the BJP had decided to seek a referendum or snap poll on the issue of Ram, Krishna Janmbhumi and Kashi Vishwanath perhaps the people would have endorsed the sincerety of the party. But they failed to put their core agenda and instead tried to present itself as a carbon copy of the Congress. But it should be remembered that when the original copy is available nobody would prefer a carbon copy. They did nothing to finish the enemies of the country and their arch rivals.Advani as Home Minister was a big failure. He failed to scrutinize the citizenship scandal of Sonia Gandhi.Now it is an open secret that when after 13-14 years of her stay in India when Sonia Gandhi ultimately applied for Indian Citizenship ship didn’t answer the question “Have you renounced your original citizenship” by saying “Not Applicable”.When the concerned magistrate insisted for a clear answer a letter from Italian Ambassador was submitted and under pressure from the then PM Indira Gandhi no further query was made. She is still an Italian citizen.Any time Home Minister of the country can revoke her citizenship on this ground itself.But Advani didn’t do any such thing and the country has to bear the burden of Sonia Gandhi.Irony is that the BJP leaders after coming to power start behaving as if they are infallible ignore even the sincerest advice of their mentors, the RSS people.

  2. Donot liquidify Hindu cause by criticizing BJP, VHP, ShivSena etc. Rather find ways to bring more meeting ground amongst all of them. As far as Advani like persons are concerned they will only fade away with age. They are yoke around the neck of BJP just like Congress party is around the neck of Bharat mata. Destroy Congress and everything shall fall inlogical way for the betterment of Bharat and its teeming millions, especially poor people.

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