Indian, mainly stupid Hindus have rewarded Muslims for their heinous crimes and terrorism on 26/11 and other numerous terrorist attacks, killings of innocent Hindus. Hindus Have   elected number of Muslim as Parliament and legislative members and they are occupying influential and important positions in Govt. and in different places. Muslims have been hidden working very hard to Islamize not only INDIA, but the whole world as well. This can be easily understood by their speeches, policies and actions. How mischievously they gave their strong support to, Muslim reservations, Sachar committee and Rangnath Mishra report, on violence Bill etc.

Every pseudo secular political parties and organizations in India are having Muslims masks, the crypto fundamentalist posing as “secular”, but actually hardcore Muslim League members with hidden agenda to Islamize India. Scratch their heart or peep into it, one will find only two images ie.ISLAM and PAKISTAN, but India is no where.

Salman Khurshid(Jinnah reborn),Rashid Alvi ,Shakeel Ahmed ,Jafar Sharif,Gulam Nabi Azad,A.R Antulay and Sayed Shabuddin(editor Muslim India)of Congress, Mohammed Salim of CPM,Abu Azami,Azam Khan and Shahid Siddique,Kamal Faroukhi of SP and many more are having set agenda . There are many Muslim Dons, Mafias elected on different party’s tickets as MP ,MLA , Muslim Journalists, writers, film celebrities ,human rightist ,socialites are most fanatic, communal and very vocal for only Muslim’s undue privileges and concessions and shamelessly fight in debates. Have you ever heard them? Do they talk differently from Muslim League, Bukhari, owaisi or any fundamentalist Imam, Maulvi or fanatic Muslim? All are having one voice, one agenda one goal, labels may be different but product is same. Believe me they are the true secularists!   

The playing very dirty game just for votes, least worried about terrible outcome of such action in future. The financial as well other assistance rendered to Islamic Institutions is helping Muslims in spreading fundamentalism, teaching the satanic rules of Koran, sharia, hadith, sira, Muhammad, etc)  A large number of super-idiot stupid Hindus are supporting this nasty project of Muslims—These acts  will be  nothing but spraying salt over the burns of Hindus  (i.e. humanity that has been badly wounded by Islam). 

How mischievously Sonia and her party and other “sicko” politicians declared and opened the buckets of special privileges and surrendered before Muslims, licking their feet.

Sonia who is officially an “INDIAN “but a hardcore Christian by heart, mind and action. She has been deceiving this country by lies, treachery, deceit, deception, cunning-ness, mischievousness, etc. Sonia and Rahul are more dangerous than any other known enemies of Hindus and India. Nehru Gandhi dynasty has already sold-out this country and if mother son duo is allowed to rule this country, the Hindu majority will face the worst situation in coming days. In their regime Hindus are bound to be treated as third class citizen, first and second being Muslims and Christians. Desperate and disappointed super idiot Hindu is watching it very helplessly and does not visualize the calamity he is likely to face in coming days. Congress and other “sicko” parties would never fight against Islam (and Muslims) and behave as friendly with Muslim countries as possible.

Sonia Gandhi and her party dared to say so openly and support the Fundamentalist Muslims to woo them for their votes because they realized that the fool Hindus (who is in majority) would happily accept this self-suicidal policy.

 Only when the HINDU masses awaken and retaliate will Islam be defeated. 



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  1. A.L.Rawal says:

    u r right. only when hindu masses wake up and take the leadership of the society in their own hands will the saqfety of hindu society come about. but u r also doing the right thing by awakening hindus who have been sleeping for the last 1200 years and enjoyng their slavery.

  2. Really an eyeopener. Keep it up dear for sake of Hindus & Hindustan.

  3. manik says:

    Please hindus wake up otherwise it will be too late. Hey lord hanuman please give some mind to hindus.

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