Hindu bashing seems to have become the definition of secularism among the hypocritical seculars politicians, journalists and intelligentsia of this country. Bad Hindus are considered good secularists or in other words must secularists be anti-Hindus?Secularism as a modern ideology has been in crisis in Indiafor the last thirty five years and it does not have much future either.Every one knows it,but only few admit it.Tell me the name of one hero of secularism,who can be called true secularist.Our intellectuals want to impose their rotten ideas which are actually second hand western ideas..This is ridiculous.India as a society must tap traditional sources of amity rather than harp on’secularism”.The most of communalists  and fundamentalists are posing themselves as true secularist.With secular mask on their face they are always at ease to to befool Hindu intelligesia. We have never heardJaved Akhtar,his wife Shabana Azami, finding some thing good in Hindusism and Hindus..Most of the time as and when they get opportunity to speak on TV show they were found accusing , abusing and spitting venom on Hindus.They only speaks for Terrorist’s humanrights,plight of muslims,Gujrat riots and atrocities on Muslims.In every political party there are  creed of such muslim politicians,who never spare any opportunity to act in the way as Zaved Akhtar.For Muslim politicians  the political parties  are the forum to speak only and only for Muslims, the party may be BSP,SP,CONGRESS,RJD,CPM etcThe politician may be.Mr.Shahid Siddique , Rashid Alvi,.Mr.Mohd Saleem of CPM Salman Khursheed,Jafar Sharif,Abdul Rehman Antulay.Gulam Nabi Azad Shakeel Ahmed and Sayed Shabuddin(editor muslim India) Abu Azami,Mohd Azam Khan and many more.There are many Muslim Dons,Mafias elected on different party’s tickets as MP and MLA and are most fanatic, believe me they are the true secularists

We can’t just blame Congress and left parties for Muslim appeasement. All political parties including BJP and all regional parties are the same. In fact, 99.99% Hindus (common people + intellectuals belonging to all professions of all financial and educational standards + media people) themselves are inherently, biologically and hereditarily slave-minded sick people who love to be kicked on their backs by Muslims, who can’t digest their food until they sing Muslim-chalisa. In a nut shell–they like to be sycophants of Muslims, to be humiliated/molested/raped/killed/butchered/tortured/looted by Muslims. If this were not true, Govt. of any party couldn’t dare to go to this extent of Muslim appeasement. 

All the unjustified privileges, concessions, reservations, etc are being openly provided to the Muslims at the cost of Hindu and other non-Muslim—It is not a hidden work of the congress’ central Govt. and other state Govt. Most educated people know these. But, still why  there are no protests at all from any section of the society. What to say about protest, there has not been even any discussion (in TV, newspapers,speeches, etc) against these biased and unjustified policies of the Govt. Why? Because Hindus and other non-Muslims of India are desperate to be kicked at their hips by Muslims—to be ruled under Muslim rulers—to get their sisters/daughters being molested/raped/converted by Muslims –to live as servants/salves/subservient/dhimmis of Muslims. 

Muslims get their strength mainly due to foolishness of non-Muslims, their stupid policy of secularism against Muslims, liberal attitude against Muslims, unilateral and self suicidal concessions/privileges/reservations/support/respect/help/rights to Muslims, sycophant nature against Muslims, etc. We cannot defeat Muslims and Islam until we remove support to them from majority of our own ignorant (in fact to be called stupid and super-idiot) secular non-Muslims.  

Most i.e. about 99.99% non-Muslim intellectual people still do not understand the mentality of a Muslims and majority of these intellectual people even don’t want to understand as they are too complacent with their secularism”.We must understand first the evil nature of Islam and Muslims.  

Muslims are not difficult to be defeated if non-Muslims are educated properly. Muslims appear stronger than they really are only due to undue pampering and appeasement by stupid non-Muslim secularists/liberals all over the world, not only in India. Unfortunately, such stupid non-Muslims make 99.99% of the non-Muslim world. This is why Muslims are able to do all the nonsense and terrorism in the way they like, and they keep blackmailing and threatening non-Muslims. Muslim-world is like a weak but over-pampered child who has turned very wicked as well as stubborn due to over-pampering by parents, elders, teachers, etc and appears much more difficult to control than he actually is. Muslims are strong only as long as non-Muslim secularist/liberals keep pampering and appeasing them and doing their sycophancy; otherwise they can be forced to leave the evil rules of Koran, sharia and hadith, and live as civilized beings like other religion people.

Indian Hindus and other non-Muslims have been allowing politicians to give countless number of reservations, concessions, etc to Muslims to make them more and more powerful. and Indian educated class appreciating highly wicked Muslims ruler like Akbar, Tipu Sultan, etc in books, stories, poetry, films, speeches, etc and majority of Indians liking this, then isn’t it the slave-mentality of Indian Hindus? Even when you talk to those Hindus of Kashmir (a Muslim majority state in India), Pakistan and Bangladesh, who have been directly tyrannized by Muslims, then they too would idiotically tell that just few Muslims are bad and rest are very good people. These exploited, humiliated and tyrannized Hindus would foolishly talk about Hindu-Muslim solidarity, unity, harmony, etc. So, majority of Hindus have the genetic weakness and tenancy to do shameless sycophancy of Muslims and wish for unity with Muslims even after being repeatedly kicked, tortured, killed, deceived and humiliated by Muslims.


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  1. Prranjal Shrivastav says:

    do u think killing all Hindus & handing over the lands to muslim is a good idea. i support it whole heartedly, coz no matter how bad the economy suffers or how bad the implications are on this land of Sanatans, there will be unity in form of Pisslamics & it will last till their end, unlike us hindu cowards. also i really want these secular hindu morons become a minority in their own nation & go through all the dire circumstances & pain, hindus in pakistan went through, with these broadminded hindu whores & bitches raped in front of their weakling coward secular brothers, fathers & husbands. i just want to see that helplessness & the their anger on themselves that they can possible do nothing but watch & die. I pray the god that these broadminded hindu minorities are disallowed to leave this country & no one else comes for their rescue either. let the world learn from these helpless selfish seculars that everything inthis world has a limit & stretching this limit can have catatstrophic inversities. GAY SECULAR HIND

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