Why the UPA govt. has dared to propose such a nasty anti-Hindu bill that would make Hindus slaves and subservient to Muslims. Majority of Hindus have genetic weakness to lick the feet of Muslims. Not only politicians are appeasing Muslims, rather a huge majority of common educated Hindus/Sikhs have been appeasing them since long back. Almost 99% Hindus are quite shameless creatures in dealing with Muslims who don’t leave any opportunity to do the sycophancy of Muslims. Situation is so worse that Hindus (and also Parsi, Christians of India) are very much ready to be ruled, tyrannized and humiliated by Muslims. In fact, Hindus love to be ruled, humiliated, molested, and tyrannized by Muslims. This is why they are tolerating Sonia Govt. that makes such a nasty bill. 

Politicians do what they think majority of public would accept either happily or with little resistance. Indian congress party, left-parties, all regional parties, and even BJP dare to do rampant appeasement of Muslims only because they know well that Hindus can easily accept this appeasement of Muslims as most Hindus themselves are Muslim-worshiper people.

It is to be seen what happens when this satanic bill is put in the Indian parliament for approval of majority of the MPs. There is a little hope only from BJP to oppose this bill while the all other political parties (because all being big flatterer of Muslims) are likely to give their unanimous support to this self-suicidal anti-Hindu bill. Hindus are really a super-idiot and extremely shameless community who fight fiercely with other Hindus on caste basis, do conspiracy against other castes of Hindus in order to dominate them, but start licking the feet of Muslims in no time giving them opportunity to dominate over them (Hindus) easily. The super-stupid Hindus refuse to take any lesson from the history or plight of Hindus at the hands of Muslims in present Kashmir, Pakistan, Bangladesh 

Second round slavery of Hindus under Muslims might become a reality if Hindus don’t awaken even now. The first round was during 8th to 18th century when Muslims ruled, enslaved, massacred, tortured, plundered, raped, molested, humiliated, and converted Hindus to their heart-content. But, most Hindus still don’t have any shame or guilt for those days (Muslim dominance and Muslim rule in India) and they make and watch films like Jodha-Akbar to celebrate their humiliation at the hands of Muslim butchers. भारत के लिए शरियत, ३ मार्च इस्लामिक क्रांति, shariya for india, islamic revolution March 3, ban bollywood, no diwali, no statues, IBTL

Shariya for India, website calls for Islamic revolution on March 3rd

Manmohan declared Muslims have first rights on the resources of India. There was a little murmuring against this among Hindus of India, but it was easily ignored. Even after saying so, Manmohan became PM second time with even more majority than his first time term. It is not true that UPA won only by Muslim votes. Majority of Hindus also voted for UPA or its alliance regional parties. Hindu voters vote mainly on caste basis and caste-system, caste-based voting, caste-based favor-disfavor, etc has been ruining Hindus. This proves that Hindus at all have no problem with Manmohan stand in favor of Muslims.

Millions times shame to Hindus, who keep tolerating Islam, worshiping Muslims and licking their feet shamelessly. 

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  1. A.L.RAwal says:

    It is true. Congress is the slave dynasty of modern India. They are committing the same crimes against Hindus which were committed by the Slave Dynasty. Mohammad Tughlak burnt a Brahmin alive in front of his palace gate merely becoz he was worshippin his god in a corner of the road-side. Therefore it is high time for the Hindus to unite and to throw out the Congress.

  2. Thineswaran says:


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