What happened in Mumbai isn’t new. Muslims have been slaughtering Hindus for ten centuries. In his own words, this Hindu man reveals what the Western media have ignored.

“When Islam arrived in India, the Hindus welcomed the Muslims with open arms as brothers. In return Islam destroyed the entire Hindu civilisation.

Over ten centuries the dirty Muslim rogues murdered an estimated 100 million people. It has been said by historians and scholars (both eastern and western) that this is the largest genocide the world has ever witnessed. Muslim religious leaders “educated” Muslim men to rape Hindu women as this was a method to destroy the Hindu progency. Soon raping Hindu women was part of what being a Muslim man was about! Temples were razed to the ground and villages were burned. Those who refused to convert to islam were either murdered (the menfolk) or raped (the womenfolk). All the slutty Mughal leaders made it their goal to wipe Hinduism from the map of the earth! They even openly stated it.

I have no sympathy for Muslims. It seems that today Muslims from all corners of the world are facing hardship and problems. You only need to look at the devastation that Islam has wrecked on Hinduism to ascertain why this is happening. What goes around eventually comes back around and this is why Muslims are suffering. I have no sympathy or feeling for them. What angers me is that even today in India the dirty ugly b a s t a r d s are still sucking the blood of Hindus. If Muslims think that what they are experiencing now is bad, they haven’t seen anything yet. The world is just getting started.

Futher to the above, I disagree that the Muslims unified anything or anyone. Islamic armies marched through the world killing men and raping women. That is the sole reason why they conquered all the lands that they did. There is a sharp distinction between invasion and unification. They instituted islam through coercion and violence. Before Islam reached India, the latter was a global power. Indian influence and culture as well as exports of knowedlge (science, maths etc) were felt throughout the world. When the evil, ugly, dirty uneducated Muslims invaded the top half of India, all the power that India commanded was destroyed. The Muslims contributed NOTHING to the Indian culture, intellectual establishment or civilisation. Quite the opposite they stole everything from us. They stole our women, they murdered our menfolk, destroyed temples etc.

Also for your information, I am an Indian who was born and bred in London (England) where Muslim atrocities are taught in state schools as a fact. So it is futile for you to say that I am under the influence of any Zionist organisation. If anybody is a slave here it is you. You are a slave of the evil Islamic religion.

You say your religion is a religion of peace. But your religion teaches Muslims that non-Muslims are infidels and that they should be killed. It also teaches them that women who do not “obey” their husbands must be beaten. Most of the terrorist organisations are Muslim. Muslims are renowned as mass murderers and terrorists. Moreover the highest religious leaders in your religion themselves use religious doctrine to justify killings so please do not say that Islam is a religion of peace.

And you talk crap about Palestine and Kashmir. Indians are doing nothing wrong in Kashmir. Kashmir is, was and always will be part of India. Do you even know what the history is behind Kashmir? When India and Pakistan were becoming independent, the leaders of all the states that border what was to become India and Pakistan were offered a choice of whether to become part of Pakistan or part of India. Kashmir had a Muslim population but a Hindu prince, and he wanted to be part of India. It was your beloved Muslim country Pakistan that actually started this whole dispute by attacking India.

At first the Kashmiri Muslims had no problem with becoming part of India. So please check your sources out! And you are quick to say that Kashmiris are oppressed and that they are being killed, but how conveniently do you leave out all the Hindus that were slaughtered in Kashmir in order to tilt the demographic favour towards the Muslims. There are hardly any Hindus now in Kashmir because they have all been killed by your Islamics. It is ok for Kasmiri Muslims to muder and wound hundreds of innocent Hindus every year in terrorist attacks but the moment that the Indian army tries to defend its citizens and crack down on the terrorists we are accused of “oppression” and human rights violations.

Hindus were under oppression from Muslims for ten centuries. In their own country they were treated as second class citizens. The British gave the Hindus their self-respect back. Under the British, Hindus thrived. They felt that finally they were living in their own country again. So why shouldn’t they have co-operated with the British???

It makes me sick when I hear you people justifying terrorism by saying that you are oppressed. Look at South Americans, Look at Africans look at East Europeans. These people have faced much more hardship than you people have yet I do not see them producing terrorist organisations. And anyway, for the all the “Muslim brotherhood” rhetoric and nonsense that I constantly hear about, why aren’t all the rich, oil owning fat Arabic sheikhs helping their impoverished Muslims out? Clearly they have MUCH MUCH MUCH more than enough capital to ensure decent living standards in Palestine. The problem isn’t oppression. The problem is ISLAM.

“To hell with Islam!”

Raj Kumar Bhardwaj


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  1. jack says:

    any muslim plz say something…specially girls..what are you thinking about my writing?

  2. jack says:

    Within 20 days 89 temples has been broken,7 hindu men has been killed,400 hindu men and women has been injured,fire has been set up more than 1000 hindu houses by muslim of bangladesh.this the beautiful example of islam

  3. Shahd says:

    Dude sorry but you are so dumb talking shit raping is forbidden in islam how can you say so . I think u never was a muslim and you are christian but you want people to convert to christianity by saying such stories

  4. jack says:

    brother I respect all the religion but I have written all the correct thing.do u know what is the condition of ganga and rinkle kumari in pakistan?They were raped because they were not muslim.after they were forcefully converted to muslim.if you think I am lying then go to pakistan and I am sure you will get the result.if they were muslim then it could not be raped.on the other hand want to add something that is if do good work then after death you will get heaven and in heaven you will get 70 hur means 70 nice girl and you can fuck them.what a matter of greatness!what is this plz tell me brother.0n the other hand girl will get only their husband.if you do not maintain your wife or wives then you have the right to sex with your servent.this all written in quaran.I do not want hurt you.but it is the real thing.it is written.To be honest i respect God,Allah,prophet.but you have to speak the true thing what is written.

  5. Tamim siddique says:

    Hindus are dam darpok..
    When babar came india he fucked hindus just like hell..
    Sala hindu dharam darpok logoka dharam hai sala..
    Na koi din na koi dharam madachod sab ko bhagwan mante hai randi ke beche..
    Example cow,dog,owl,snake even donkey aswell..
    2 paise ka dharam madarchod..
    Hindu ki zada tar ladkiya muslim guyzz ke piche aati hai..
    Maine bhi abhi tak 3-4 hindu ladki logo ke saath kar chuka hu sali log mast randi character ke hoti hai..
    Hindu dharam is madarchod thats all..

  6. rahman says:

    tamim siddique you r just mother fucker.i m muslim but I have to say you r a mother fucker.

  7. Ravi Ranjan Singh says:

    Allah is great madharchod ,, muhhamad is a shit he has no father atleast L:ord Ram,krishna has a father but they are motherfucker and a son of a shit
    to all hindu agar bhula gaye ho toh apna religion yaad dila de hum insaan(human) ko jala kar bhi kha lete hain madharchod ko yaad dila do bangladesh aur gujrat ka incident sali burkha uthar kar jinda jala kar kkhane jo maja hain utna maddarchod gai(cow) kahane mein nahi hain suuar(pig) to unka allah hain pig se kya nafrat karenga nasib karab hain apne allah (pig ) ko nahi khata hain ek baar kaye toh pata chale suar(allah) kya cheez hain khane ko .

    Madahrchod agar kattter hain toh hum jinda jala kar kha lenge madharchod ko

  8. It is 100 percent true that “Hindu ki zada tar ladkiya muslim guyzz ke piche aati hai” . He describes and praises “sali log mast randi character ke hoti ha”. Muslims wish to continue what Mughals did. Even I love Muslim boys, they really love and enjoy sex with Hindu girls because their wives are in burqa. Of course, while banging us , they abuse Hinduism, but in sex everything is forgivable. OK. Shubha

  9. Dear Tamim u r rt. When Hindu girls were fucked, male Hindu went hiding q k woh darpok the. Anyway, same thing is being continued but this time with our permission and we like it. Shubha

  10. Dear Faijifazeel, U r grt. I have posted a reply on ur email. U are great amidst the nonsense talks about Islam . Go ahead and be bold. Shubha

  11. zaniee11 says:

    Okay okay i understand everyone is mad about what muslims do, but it is not anyones place to talk. Imagine where you’re from. your people are no better. Americans raped and killed innocent women and children in Vietnam i mean damn thats not even your country. The white went to Africa and destroyed their rights and told them what they could and could not do and murdered them. Islam doesn’t make muslims do anything that THEY do not want to do. They choose to do it. Now if you don’t understand the religion and know nothing but violence about it you are ignorant for not taking matters into your own hands and researching it. Im not saying muslims are right but what they grow up in makes them violent. Just like any other third world country that doesn’t have a stable government. India’s Hindus might be just as bad. Of course coming from a hindu man he is going to give you all this shit on muslims but lets hear it vice versa. You people are stupid and will never get anywhere if you don’t stop being so damn stereotypical and racist.

  12. zaniee11 says:

    And the thing that aggravates me is that half of you people can’t spell but you feel the right to shit talk someone and their religion. Christians and Catholics aren’t the best cup of tea they’re something else too and im saying this as a Catholic.

  13. Roger the Dodger says:

    Any religion that teaches its adherents to kill, behead others (read as followers of other religions/faiths/ideologies), rape, engage in forced conversions and legitimise slavery is not a religion at all – it is a satanic cult! Good will eventually triumph over Evil and all evil doers will eventually pay a price – a very heavy price for their misdeeds.

    Whatever your beliefs – atheism, deism, monotheism, animism or whatever, you will be “judged” by the powers that be on the basis of your good deeds. Committing atrocities and engaging in acts of genocide in the name of God will not get you far. For heavens sake, use your grey matter and scrutinise carefully the lies and deception that have been carved out by the so called “men of God”. Perhaps, one should not ask too much of a cretin/retard?

    Sigh!…may sanity be restored – one day….

  14. rehbar al ghani sayyed says:

    u guys who are against Islam better stay where u are (live)

    keep ya head safe!

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