Area – 144000 Sq. Kms. 
Population 120 million (12 Crores) – 90% Muslims 
Density per square Km. – 750 (Highest in the world) 
Religion – Islam 
Economic condition – Poorest country in the World. It gets all its petrol and petroleum products free of cost from oil rich Middle East countries. It has to pay only transport charges. 
Literacy Male – 25.8% Female – 13.2% 
Its density of population per sq. km. is three times that of India which is 267. In area Bangladesh is 1/25th the size of India but in population it is 1/7th. 
Rate of growth of population in Bangladesh (all Muslims) is so high and fast that by the year 2017 (according to a report by the Government of Bangladesh) its population would be 240 million (24 crores). Where will they live in the small country? There is not enough land and resources even for the existing population. 
Pressure on the population of Bangladesh is so great that at least 20 million ( 2 Crores) Muslims have illegally infiltrated into India. As a result of this massive illegal migration ten districts of Assam (out of 23) have become Muslim majority or near Muslim majority districts. In 56 constituencies of West Bengal Muslims have a decisive voice. 
During the next 10 to 15 years at least 10 Crore (100 million) Muslims will infiltrate into India thereby adding tremendously to the population of Muslims in the country. 
Since 1947, Hindu population in Bangladesh have been reduced from 30% to less than 10% because of the terrible religious persecutions and atrocities. 
Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators have demanded second partition of India. This new country will be called “Muslim Bango Bhoomi” which will comprise large parts of West Bengal, Bihar and Assam and finally be merged with Bangladesh. 
Bangladesh intellectuals have started claiming all the North Eastern States of India ( Assam, Meghalya, Arunachal Pardesh, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram and Tripura), as the natural hinterland to accommodate the ever expanding Muslim population of Bangladesh. 
In West Bengal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators have forcibly grabbed houses and land belonging to Hindus and driven them away. It is not only in Kashmir that the Hindus have become refugees in their own country. It has happened in West Bengal too. This fact is known to the Government of India and yet is doing nothing. 
The Congress-I and CPI(M.) Governments are strongly supporting the cause of the Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators in order to strengthen their vote banks. 
Muslim population in West Bengal has increased from 5118269 in 1951 to 11743259 in 1981, as against Hindu population of 20751412 in 1951 to 42007159 in 1981. (1991 census figures have not yet been released by the Census Commission). Thus in 1951 there was 1 Muslim to 4 Hindus, whereas in 1981 the ratio was reduced to 1:3.5. With high natural growth of Muslim population and massive infiltration of Muslims from Bangladesh this ratio will get reduced to 1:1 in the next few decades. The other consequences can easily be imagined. 
1991 census in Assam has been a big fraud. Census figures show that the 6 states of Arunachal Pardesh, Manipur, Meghalya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura have recorded population growth ranging from +27% to +57% during the decade 1981-91. How come Assam recorded a growth of only +23.58%? 
If we fail to check massive infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims, at least 10 Kashmirs will sprout in the next 10 years in the Eastern States of India. Today, no Indian can go to Kashmir. In 10 years time, no one will be able to go to Calcutta and Guwahati. Bangladesh with its massive population will bleed India to death as surely as Pakistan is doing today in Kashmir and Punjab. 
Let there be no doubt about the shape of things to come. Mr. Chintamani Panigrahi, former governor of Manipur in an article under the caption “A question of Identity” in the Hindustan Times dated 10.1.93, made the following pertinent observations:
The census report of 1991 observed that when the density of population rose by 51 persons per square kilometer in 1991, West Bengal recorded the quantum increase at 151 persons per square kilometer. In eight West Bengal districts the population growth is very high. 

As the influx from Bangladesh to West Bengal continues, leaders have now woken up and have brought to the notice of the Union Home Ministry that because of this influx, swift demographic changes have taken place in West Bengal. In their letter to the Union Home Minister they pointed out that in 132 constituencies in West Bengal voters’s strength have gone up by 40 to 50 percent while 34 other constituencies the voters’s list has shown a rise between 52 to 92 percent. The population in the border districts of West Bengal had risen by 30 percent as against 17 percent in South Bengal districts like Bankura. 

Over a period of the last many years a substantial number of Bangladeshis were issued ration cards and were enfranchised. Bangladesh took full advantage of these opportunities. 

Prime Minister Narshima Rao, during the first visit to Assam, in the first week of July 1992, while referring to this problem in his speech, said the influx was a national problem and was at the root of Assam’s instability. He suggested a meeting of the Chief Ministers of the concerned States to discuss this problem and to find out a national solution. 

Had the process of the detection of migration of population been accelerated from the beginning and the laws enacted for the purpose of eliminating the delays, the problem would not have assumed such baffling proportions. How many migrants from outside can India hold, keeping in view its own growing pressure of population? 

In this context it is also interesting to note that a group of intellectuals in Dhaka are seeking to legitimise the migration of its people into the adjoining North-Eastern region of India by invoking a theory of lebensraum or living space. 

Daily newspapers in Dhaka publish write ups on these lines written by University professors. They write such articles with a view to motivate the people to cross over with a aim that one day India’s North-Eastern region will be added to Bangladesh giving it a natural boundary in place of the present one, as they consider that it “throttles” Bangladesh. 

Such write ups and comments not only instigated an anti-India feeling in Bangladesh, it also advocated Bangladeshis right to migrate to India. 

Some other reports which were published by the correspondents touring the border areas indicate that 500 to 1000 Bangladeshis cross over to India everyday through different areas. They are coming in small groups across the 2,145 km-long open border since the creation of Bangladesh in 1971. These reports published in the Frontier magazine dated November 6, 1992 highlight the dimension of the problem. 

It is estimated that by the year 2000 there would be another five crore Bangladeshis desperate for land and trying to get into India. According to official estimates anything up to 80 lakh may be illegal migrants in India. 

Take the case of 55,000 Chakma refugees from the Chittagong Hill tracts of Bangladesh, who have taken shelter in Tripura for the last many years. In Chittagong Hill Tracts, their lands have already been occupied by people from other parts of Bangladesh. The Chakmas demand that they should be first restored their alienated lands and then be given full security. In taking back the Chakma refugees, no positive measures have come from Bangladesh. 

On the other hand Bangladesh raised the question of influx of Rohingiya refugees from Myanmar loudly to get international aid and assistance and to send them back to Mayanmar. 

There may also be another reason for the migration. According to the prediction of ecologists, because the sea level will rise, many coastal areas in Bangladesh will be submerged in another 40 to 50 years.
It is high time that our country decides once and for all as to how many people from outside it can hold. It has also become urgent that our country should formulate a definite population policy specially relating to our border regions, where mounting social tensions are giving rise to political unrest because of unchecked regular flow of illegal migrants and their enrolment in the electoral rolls of their respective border states on the basis of ration cards issued to them. 

New Delhi is blind and deaf.
Calcutta is blind and deaf.
Guwahati is blind and deaf.
Itanagar is blind and deaf.
Kohima is blind and deaf.
Imphal is blind and deaf.
Aizwal is blind and deaf.
Agartala is blind and deaf.
Patna is blind and deaf.

The only answer is that India is being ruled by traitors who are hell bent on delivering the only Hindu country to Islam on a platter. 

Note : Everyone must take a serious view of the fact that Begum Khaleda Zia, Prime Minister of Bangladesh cancelled her visit to Cairo to attended the International Conference on Population and Development (5-13 Sept. 1994) under the pressure of Muslim fundamentalists in her country who are dead opposed to family planning. Can an extremely over populated country like Bangladesh afford not to adopt family planning measures. The population bomb of Bangladesh will be much more destructive for India than even an Atomic bomb. The rulers of India whether in Delhi or Calcutta or Guwahati must wake up and take note of this ominous development. India cannot be allowed to be a victim of sexual profligacy of Bangladesh Muslims. 

Excerpted from Author’s book “Is India going Islamic?” which was published privately in 1991.

War has been declared and waged against us; we ignore it at our own peril.

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  1. A.L.RAWAL says:


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  3. Shyam says:

    Support one and only Subramanian Swamy, Then only hindus can survive

    • A.L.Rawal says:

      Fools praise Indira Gandh for breaking up Pakistan and creating Bangladesh. Firing on the borders of iNdia and East Pakistan had its own advantages. There was no infiltration. Now it is a deluge. CPM invited foreigners to W.Bengal and made their voters. Now they are supporting Mamta Begum and will overthrow her also after a couple of elections to establish a separate country in the vicinity of Bangladesh. It is a mammoth foreign policy and political failure of India.

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  5. moti lal choudhary says:

    jab bhi itihaas likha jayega congress & gandhi pariwar ko hindu dharma kabhi maaf nahi payega kash koi rahul gandhi priyanka&soniya gandhi ko ek saath shoot kar de jis se congress decline kar jayegi…

  6. Indian Hindu Thinker says:

    I am a Hindu. And I feel we should wake up to these issues. Sadly, I have to agree that we Hindus are very divided and ignorant of the problems right before us. It is because of the lack of unity among us Hindus that the Mughals conquered us in the ancient times. Same way the British conquered us. We’re weren’t united enough to face up to them. (India was divided into separate princely states at that time). What the hell is wrong with us Hindus? We need to stand united and deal with these problems with a War Footing. It is nothing less than a war for us. Congress is taking our beautiful country to hell. Corruption is very common now and this evil party Congress is to blame. If any Hindus support Congress, I seriously wonder what the hell is wrong with them? Remember, we can ignore this only at our own peril.We should start a Hindu Nationalist Movement aimed at uniting us. May God save us from this corrupt world.

  7. mrinal rajan pacher says:

    i feel sad and worried as i am Hindu. what will happens to our future generation. how can we see them have better life.”WERE WILL HINDUS GO” in time we might become minority group. we have to protect our lands kill Bangladesh all of them .if the government is def than we have react .i feel these people are spoiling what we have built here in India.

  8. Ramaswamy chittier says:

    God is great, in future all in right religion and will definitely go to Heaven

  9. r sharma says:

    Plz all of my hindu frnds frst of all we really need to stnd 2gether wid gr8 unity and choose tht political party who kill and exit all of outsiders out and thn make rule of family planning rules for every1 wid strictnees and cancel all the subcidies of minority and react as pakistan’s way to mulims as pak react their hindu minorities and declare it a hindu nation as pakistan is muslim nation and take zazia tax to all of muslims as they achieve to non-muslims in the past
    but my frnds its only happen whn we stand 2gether wid a unity and forget the subcastial illness to our mind

  10. dr.nagarajan says:

    narendra modi s d right person for answerng ths migratng hells….so hindus should unite for atleast votng narendramodi as d primeminister

  11. Anti-Hindusism says:

    F**K The bloody Hindus…….

  12. Apurba deka says:

    We, the assamese are largely effected by the bullshit bangladesh. Where will we go????? Why the govt. is still silent?????? At this time, only GOD can help us………….GOD, PLEASE SAVE US………….HAR HAR MAHADEV

  13. raja says:

    we agree with this article pis read this articasl and fight

  14. Ashutosh Dube says:

    On comment by Anti Hindusism, my point is that the Muslims try to kill each other after wiping out non Muslims in areas under their control. You are doomed to face what you do to others.

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