The results of the assembly elections in five states including West Bengal are in tune with the assessment and the predictions we made in our post “Bangladeshi Muslims infiltrators will write the destiny of W.Bengal”. The defeat of left has set a big question mark and such big victory of Mamta is indicative of mass support of the Muslim.  At least in West Bengal, we can say that where there are Muslims there is winning. The direction set by the Muslims in Kerala also made the road of UDF winning the election little uncomfortable. Muslim’s big roles in the other three states also have had repercussions affect their trends.  In last assembly elections, the Mamta Banerjee Trinamool Congress won only 30 assembly seats, while she won six times in current election. This is amazing and  because of whole heartedly support of about 35 percent Muslim of state. TC’s Muslim community candidates won an overwhelming vote margin also indicates that Muslims were leaning towards the Mamta so awesome. Mamta Banerjee in her manifesto has focused her attention on about a dozen Muslim-majority district such as  Malda, Birbhum, Murshidabad and Dinajpur.

During the last  three decades, Muslims believed left as their Messiah, but left took Muslim’s support as granted and ignored them. Muslims took belated revenge and left has been cut to size. State received funds from the center for a dozen Muslim-majority districts’s development but could not  work properly. State was to make 37 thousand Indira Awas, but made only eight thousand.41 Schools were to be constructed but only four were constructed. 6000 additional classrooms were planned, but only 1200 were provided. 7000 Anganwadi centers planned were also restricted to 12 hundred. Muslim   responded with ferocity to this neglect and defeated LEFT. Of the 140 seats in Kerala Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) was hopeful of winning up to 100 seats, but fell far behind the for lack of Muslim votes. In Kerala Muslim constitutes 20 to 21 percent of population and the Muslim League and Jamaat-e-Islami are very powerful.  UDF major component of Indian Union Muslim League helped the Muslim vote and it won17 seats contested at 24. On the other hand, Jamaat-e-Islami CPM-led Left Democratic Front (LDF)has  mutual arrangement and support on 115 seats. The result was that the UDF got a majority, but not awesome majority.

 In Assam, about 100 million Muslim population of the total of 300 million populations, decide the defeat and win on 40 of the 126 seatsDuring the election, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi campaigned very vigorously in Muslim dominated constituencies. In Tamil Nadu, the DMK and ADIMK for seven per cent Muslim votes did their best to allure.DMK has tied up with Indian Union Muslim League for Muslim votes and Muslim reservation in jobs was also advocated.

मुस्लिम वोटों का खेल-मुसलमान है जहाँ ,जीत है वहां

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