la illaha il lillah(لا اللھ ال لللہ) It is that there is no God but only allaha. Just four words are sufficient to define and understand Islam.Jihad is an integral part of Islam.So long as Islam survives,Jihad will last.

Pakistan is an Islamic state.Under the constitution of Pakistan,sovereignty vests in Allah,the compassionate and merciful.No law contrary to the tenets of Islam as enshrined in the Quran and Sunnah can be introduced and passed.In accordance with the fundamentals of Islam,non-Muslims in Pakistan are not considered equal to momins. Every momin as per the quranic injuctions is under an obligation to wage Jihad against Kafirs. Amongst the non-believers Hindus are the biggest enemy of Islam. Hindu Kafirs will have to pay with blood.

Technically,Jihad will continue till the entire world comes under the sway of Nizame-e-Mustafa.Therefore,those who think that once India Pakistan relations become normal,Jihad will cease are suffering from colour blindness.Kashmir or no  Kashmir,Pakistan will continue to support Jihad against Kafirs,we Hindus.Pakistani cricket captain Shahid Afridi after return to Pakistan has uttered the same sentiment,which is the sentiments of all Pakistani , in accordance with tenets of Islam.

The Hindu elite does not realise the fact that Pakistan came into being because Hindus and Muslims could not peacefully co-exits in united India.And those who think that India can have normal relations with Pakistan,forget the fact of incompatibility between the two civilisations.

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