जब रंज दिया बुतों ने तो खुदा याद आया (When hurt by idols, then remembered God)

Few weeks ago, in a Talk show by one of the anti-Hindu, biased English TV channel(almost all English TV channels are anti-Hindu and pro-Muslims),the anchor was very much concerned about the painter Maqbool Fida Hussain on his return to India from his self-imposed exile. The trouble with these channels is that they are having the policies to combat every thing related with Hindus and to defend and protect the Muslim’s interests with vigor. Those working with such channels too are having individual belief, which must compute with the owner of the channel. The channel interviewed three persons namely Shri Dharamendraji Maharaj from Jaipur, Ram Rahim co-founder of SAHMAT (notorious anti-Hindu organisation formed to look after only Muslims) and Mr. Sibbal, counsel of Hussain.The anchor asked Dharamendraji Maharaj that very few persons(20-25) are opposing Hussain and unnecessary VHP and other Hindu organizations are creating trouble and conflict in the country. At the same time the same channel, in which Hussain himself admitted that about 900 cases have been filed against him in India, aired interview with MF Hussain.The impression uncalled for being created by the so-called secular media in favour of Hussain is frustrating Hindu majority. The so-called secular media as well as Muslim’s votes grabber political mafias, pseudo-secularist and hypocritical intellectual are unlighted to the situation ahead. Hindus are getting violent, antagonistic and they have started giving hard-hitting reply in such circumstances.

Hindus were on knees for 500 years and pleading for RAM JANAM BHUMI from Muslims, but even after making in numerous sacrifices, the Muslim’s behaviour was very inflexible. After India’s independence, Hindus were very confident that birthplace of Lord RAMA will be handed over to them, on which a magnificent temple will be built. It is rarest of the rare example in the world’s history, where 90 crores Hindus in their own country are helpless, powerless and desperate. Eventually, what happened on 6th December1992, the Babri structure was razed to earth and temple was erected on that place. Even though the temple is temporary one and not glorious to the aspiration of Hindus, but in coming time unquestionably a splendid temple will be built at the place, as a temporary was built. No force on earth can stop Hindus to do so, what may be the opposition from Muslims. Muslims as well so-called secularist should now forget about that structure which was built by Mir BAKI, the commander of invader Babar.The Muslims should appreciate and respect the sentiments of the majority of Hindus. A structure, where no prayer was offered since 1950, was when demolished, the Muslims started thumping their chests. It happened only 20 years ago, but why Muslims do not realize the grief of the Hindus, who were under Muslim’s rules and facing their mayhem. ” मेरा खून खून है और दुसरे का खून पानी है मेरा दुःख दुःख है दुसरे का दुःख कहानी है “MERA KHOON,KHOON HAI,DUSARE KA KHOON PAANI HAI,MERA DUKH,DUKH HAI,DUSARE KA DUKH KAHANI HAI (my blood is blood, other’s blood is water, my misery is misery, other’s misery is a tale.)

After demolition of Babri structure, the Muslims in different parts of India especially around Mumbai became very violent and started attacking Hindus.It is commonly believed that the riots occurred in two phases. The first was mainly a Muslim backlash because of the structure demolition in the week immediately succeeding 6 December 1992.The Muslims killed Hindus Mathadi Kamgar(workers) in Dongri(an area of south Mumbai).The Hindus reacted instantly and retaliated with ferocity. The most incidents were reported from 6 January to 20 January 1993.

”Hindus are coward by birth and Muslims are bullies by birth.” This observation of Gandhi was quoted in ‘Harijan’.It was based on the behavior as well as tolerance attitude  of Hindus ,who have remained under rules of Muslims invaders and have faced Muslim’s brutalities and atrocities for centuries. Cowardness of the Hindus became their trademark and everybody started taking Hindus for granted. We do not wish to repeat the behavior of Hindus post partition of country and their role in Hindu Muslim/Hindu Christian riots in different parts of the country from time to time. A close analysis of the Hindu-Muslims riots post independence reveals that most of the riots were instigated and started by the Muslims. The reasons being to mobilized Muslims more closely with themselves and create an atmosphere for getting more attention and space in vote bank politics.Up to some extent Muslims were successful and the entire politics of so-called secular parties targeted Muslims as their main vote bank. Because of the riots, which Muslims initiated, they were successful in grabbing the good chunk of the privileges and sympathy from different quarters. We will discuss the politics of Hindu Muslim riots in some other posts in future.

We need to analyze the transformation of attitude and moods of Hindus post independence, as Hindus are getting intolerant and aggressive towards minorities especially Muslims. We remember pre partition and early post independence period Hindus considered Muslims more untouchable than the untouchables. Even Hindus never let Muslims use their glasses for drinking water. Hindus used a long pipe and would pour water through nozzle and Muslims hold their hands at the other end to drink water. Such was the social situation between Hindus and Muslims. Today sixty-three years after independence, the scenario has changed very dramatically and even the upper caste people can be seen eating halal mutton and kabbab from skullcap wearing Muslims vendors.More and more Hindus have changed their eating and drinking habits and good percentage has become non-vegetarian and drinker. Hindus have developed Tamsik habits and have shed the tight bonds of religious and cultural traditions. Nobody now bothers about shuchita and Hindus have also very frequently taken over the businesses, which were previously, exclusively meant for Muslims only. Business such as leather tanning, butchery, Meat shop etc, were considered as evil professions among Hindus. Hindus are also competing with Muslims in smuggling and other unlawful activities.

Hindus have become most hypocritical society in world, which is very louder in talk about spirituality and religion but nowhere in action. Lust of money, power and immoral activities has made Hindus ruthless and Hindus have developed a merciless heart. We find news items flooded with local newspapers all over India of brutal, merciless killings by Hindus of their friends, relatives and others. Sixty years back such incidents were very rare. Many anti Hindu NGOs and other organizations have come out with propaganda materials such as documentaries, books, and leaflets showing atrocities and brutal killings by Hindus of Muslims in Gujrat. Aftermath Godhra carnage, where Muslims, , burned 59 Rambhakta alive the ferocity by which Hindus reacted was no less crude .The Mumbai and 2002 Gujarat riots are the landmark of the reflection of Hindu mind.

After Mumbai riot, the Muslims started talking about the art of living together with Hindus, as there is no end to fight with a thumping Hindu majority, which has become hostile and impatient. जब रंज दिया बुतों ने तो खुदा याद आया (When hurt by idols, then remembered God) Hindus are now not scared of the bomb blasts and terrorist attacks, which are at the behest of Pakistan, which is ally of Muslims living in India. Emergence of a fearless, violent and intolerant new Hindu is an alert signal to ” hypocritical secularist, intelligentsia and political parties,which have always neglected and had  very biased attitude towards the Hindus,the people of this land. Hindu’s transformation of mood will force these people to stop appeasement of religious minorities especially Muslims in future.

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