Top Hindu leadership has lost the courage to speak truth reason being the mindset builds up during one thousand years of slavery. Most of the Hindu Intelligentsia, Journalists, Filmmakers, big Traders, Beurocates and Industrialists are coward, selfish and flatteners. Such outlook and their behavior is dangerous for the future of country. For the welfare of country, they should change their attitude and come forward with audacity to speak truth. Hindus are the only race in the world which has suffered the maximum conversion, carnage, loot and cruelties by Muslims and in future history may repeat it again if there is no awakening.


Hindus were not coward, they are the children of Aryans, the supreme warriors of the world, unparallel in heroism and bravery. Because of some religious and social evils, we Hindus turn out to be coward, flatteners, selfish and fugitive. Swami Vivekanand, the great Hindu monk gave the call to the Hindus “ARISE, AWAKE AND STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS ACHIEVED” Ninety crores Hindus living around can change the face of the world.

All Dalits are Aryans and to differentiate between Aryans and non-Aryan is mischievous. The conspirators, invented this false theory, called Aryans as foreigners and white. The supreme Aryans Lord Rama and Lord Krishna were not white but of dark complexion.

Just think rationally and acutely, during Muslim’s regime how many atrocities the ancestors of today’s Dalits faced and simultaneously their own Hindu brothers offended them. For defending their own Dharama, the ancestors of Today’s Dalits made enormous sacrifices. We bow before the great defenders of Hindu Dharma and should call them the Great and supreme Hindus. Without cooperation of our Great Dalit Hindu brothers, it is imprudence to think and talk of the unity amongst Hindu society and protect the Great Hindu Dharma.

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