Pakistani intelligence agency has very successfully established its network in different parts of India. The ISI modules are very active and working very systematically as every action of ISI is very well planned and designed in Pakistan. This is the pseudo war against India because Pakistan cannot win any war with its armed forces fighting face to face with Indian Armed forces on border. After humiliating defeat of Pakistan in 1971, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr.Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto declared to give one thousand CUTS/WOUNDS to India. The pro-Pakistani Muslims in collaboration with ISI agents have collected and stored dangerous AK-47 and RDX in large quantity in India. The ISI agents are supplying drugs to rich Hindu drug addicted youngsters and collecting large amount of money from them. The ISI is also sending fake Indian currency in India to destroy the economy of our country. It has also established HAWALA network in India and also collecting money from rich Hindus as HAFTA WASOOLI.Satta is another avenue through which pro-Pakistani Muslims are making huge money with the help of ISI.The fanatic pro- Pakistani Muslims are flooded with large assests,land and money and have become powerful politically too.

The main aim of ISI is to establish Muslim rule in India taking advantage of disunity amongst Hindus in the name of cast, creed and Language. The fanatic and fundamentalist pro-Pakistani Mullahs are daily spitting venom in Mosques and Madrasas, instigating  in the name of ISLAM and KORAN to kill the KAFIRS(HINDUS) ,making India an Islamic state”DARUL ISLAM.” The ISI has managed the infiltration of Crores of Bangladeshi Muslims into India, which are now actively engaged in murders, dacoities and terrorism.. Bangladeshi Muslims have snatched the bread from the mouth of poor Hindus They have changed the demographic balance in many bordering states of India and have established JANGAL RAJ there. Many such districts are Muslims dominated and HIndus living there are reduced to minority and are scared, The Bangladeshi Muslims have also created vote bank politics in India and many casteist political leaders like PASWAN,LALU and many others along with congress and communists have started campaign for their citizenship. They have announced that Bangladeshis Muslims are our brothers, let them stay here. This is the rarest of the rare example of treason with own motherland just for the sake votes.


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