The religious Muslim students(Taliban) of Afghanistan on the strength of their cruelties and fundamentalism took over Afghanistan in ninenties.Encourged by the actions and success of Afgani Taliban,the muslim religious students in India,formed the SIMI, Taliban in India (they are engaged with great enthusiasm with Guns and bombs to finish the KAFIR HINDUS and occupy India)The Mehmood Gaznavi,who invaded India seventeen times and destroyed thousands of Hindus temples and killed innocent Hindus and Osama Bin Laden are the great ideals of muslim religious students in India.Simi wish complete destruction of the of Hindus and their culture.Although Government claim to have finished the network of SIMI,but the underground activities of this dangerous organization are still going on.In future organizations like SIMI and their sister organisations are going to become most dangerous terrorist organization and in the name of JIHAD(RELIGIOUS WAR AGAINST HINDUS) will create great havoc,communal unrest and violence in India . WORLDWIDE ISLAMIC TERRORISM-Islamic terrorism has spread in around 57 Islamic countries in the world specially in Pakistan,Afganistan,Bangladesh and China in our neighbors.Mr.Josef Bodan Sky,an expert on Terrorism of American Congress has expressed “The main goal of Muslims is to convert non-Islamic KAFIR countries(India,Nepal,Burma,Phlippines,Srilanka etc) in beween Afganistan and Indonesia to Islamic faith.The Saudi billionaire terrorist Osama Bin Laden has motivated and inspired fanatic,communal, fundamentalist and extermist muslim Jihadi youths for bomb blast,hizack of aircraft,looting and killing of innocent people.Because of policy of muslim appeasement and inattentiveness towards terrorism by European countries, America and India,Islamic terrorism has increased with leap and bound. WHY THIS HAPPINESS? The killings of KAFIR and their associates (we call it terrorism)is the most pious religious act filled with enthusiasm for fanatic religious Mullahaist Muslims. That’s why when statue of Buddha(a world heritage)was broken at Bamiyan in Afganistan or in Kashmir , Hindus were killed and in Chechenya & Philippines non Muslims(kafir) were killed or 110 story world trade centre building and Pentagon were blast and razed to earth resulting in 7000 deads ,most of the Muslims in world either kept mum or started jumping with joy celebrating their victory over  KAFIRS. Some most clever Muslims to confuse and create unawareness among non muslims start talking that such acts defame Islam.Otherwise they know and wish that it should happen,because that is the “true Islam”.After skyscrapers were down to earth and Kafirs(enemies of Islam)were killed, the fanatic,fundamentalists Muslims of the world including India were horripilate with joy.They were dreaming of Islamisation of the entire world.This is extreme of religious insanity.

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