It is because of upper cast Hindu’s discriminatory attitude towards poor and low cast Hindus, evil of untouchability, politics of cast and creed, disunity amongst them,extreme superstitions , faith in destiny and ‘BHAGWAN BHAROSE’(totally dependence on God)apart from it Hindu society’s  belief  in  fake ideals of“SARVADHARAMA SADBHAV” सर्वधर्म सदभाव(Respect and honour all religions with equality),”VASUDEV KATUMBKAM(the entire universe is my family) and “SHAMAA VEERASAYBHUSHANAM” क्षमा वीरस्य  भूषणं Forgiveness is the jewel of warriors) Hindus are hypocritical and foolishly thinking of welfare of entire world,forgetting that charity always begins from home.Welfare of my country and its people is foremost.It should have been their motto,but Hindus never see any forthcoming danger for themselves.Hindus are careless,act foolishly and never make any preventive  arrangement to safeguard themselves and their country from  dangers ahead.There is disunity ,lack of brotherhoods  ,selfishness and dishonesty amongst Hindus.Because of Hindu’s faith in destiny ,Hindu remain  silent spectator even if there is fire in his neigbhour.Because of such behaviour, this great country and Hindus were slaves for a thousand years and now calling  for future slavery.Eminent Historian Arnold Toinbeme  has said that”when some society becomes too civilized,then some barbaric society swallow it”.Same is happening with Hindu society.



After Independence a good number of Hindus have earned too much money,  have acquired good positions and are enjoying it.They don’t care for Hindu society,country,religion and poor Hindus.They call their well wishers communal,but they must remember that if Hindu society is strong,only then their wealth, assets and democracy will be saved,otherwise everything will be ruined.Muslims in India and everywhere in world are spending thousands of millions of rupees to spread message of Islam and to convert the non-Muslims to Islam and thus making Islam very powerful and dominating. It is regrettable that majority of Hindu businessmen,Hindu religious GURUS,and organizations controlling Hindu temples and MATHS are doing very little to safeguard Hindu religion and Hindu society.

The Muslims are becoming more and more fundamentalist,violent and fanatic because their holy book Koran,(the ‘para 5,sura 4,aayat 101 )contain clear message of ALLAH that Hindus,the Kafirs are Muslim’s open enemies,while Hindus are chanting only one Mantra ie HINDU MUSLIM BHAI BHAI.

Think of the outcome of such cowardly foolishness of the Hindus in future.

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  1. ElenaLisvato says:

    Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog…

  2. I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work

  3. Great site…keep up the good work. I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,

  4. I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog. Thanks,

    A definite great read…:)


  5. Seasons says:

    You you could make changes to the blog title WHY THERE IS NO END TO HINDU’S SUFFERINGS?WHY HINDUS ARE CONTINUOUSLY FACING ATROCITIES?By Satyamitra Hinduawaken’s Weblog to more better for your subject you create. I enjoyed the blog post even sononetheless.

  6. lmsharma says:

    Dear Mitra Sahib,
    You are doing a tremendous job for Hindus.Unfortunately the country has fallen in the hands of foreign owned media and a government under a foreign lady.It looks as if Hindus are under a siege. The pro national or pro Hindu political parties of the country are busy in baking their own bread on the sake of votes.When the elections are near the ruling and opposition parties both take advantage of Muslim votes.Secondly the eastern boarders bordering Bangladesh are intentionally made porous so as to invite the Muslims from BD.Mr. Fakarudding Ahmed was responsible for in the sixities and it still continues till date.A clean sweep like the one taking place in Syria must take place in India so as to wipe out the Muslims from the eastern states.These people have virtually dis balanced population ration of these state.It is a dangerous sign.

  7. Bngladesh is a curse for INdia. Indira Gandhi is the author of this curse. She helped Bangaladesh to liberate itself from Pakistan. Tension on the border of India and East Pakistan had its own advantages. But ever since the creation of Bangladesh infiltrators have poured in from all sides and they have been helped by the Marxists and Islamists of all kinds. Hindus must organise themselves otherwise they will be drowned in the flood of infiltrators.

  8. The religion I hate most in the world is Islam.

  9. His blog does not center around your hatred against any other religion, the blog’s sole purpose if toawaken the HINDU INDIAN to know and cultivate on the golden culture we had and bring India again to the lights of those bright eras. We have to work to rise against partisan interests if we have to counter these organized frenetic religion faiths in the world who want to wipe off HINDUS from INDIA and rule it again, we are the only civilization standing besides CHINESE, much before from even when the notions of existence of religions like Islam, Christianity were even conceived. RISE UP MY INDIANS AND SHOW THE WORLD INDIA IS INDOMITABLE< SUPREME, BUT HUMBLE< POWERFUL . we had all these technologies these western powers claim today 7400 years back itself.

  10. anu joshi says:

    you are doing a great job…keep it up….great blog….thanks for awakening us….jai hind…jai bharat…

  11. anu joshi says:

    i have become a fan of ur blog…..very true and honest work….jai bharat mata…

  12. bharat maa ka beta says:

    your articles are really mind igniting. we indians have always given the message of peace to the world but in response we have been betrayed . india is still ruled by moughals i.e jawahar lal nehru dynasty which originated from a person named mohammad ghazi and he take the name of gangadhar to save himself from britishers. JAWAHAR LAL Nehru was a muslim.indira(gandhi)khan married to feroz khan- a muslim.rajiv(gandhi) khan was circumcized.sanjay gandhi was also circumcized.he was son of indira and mohammad yunus. sonia (real name is Antonia) is an italian. we are still ruled by muslims and italians. who says we are independent.all the facts are hidden and hindus have been kept in dark. even media is also playing in the hands of politicians and corporate.WE ARE SINGING SLOGANS HINDU MUSLIM BHAI-BHAI ,IF IT CONTINUES LIKE SAME WE WILL BE CRUSHED AGAIN IN THE SAME WAY AS IN 1962 WAR with china when we were singing hindi-chini bhai-bhai. when india is ruled my muslims i.e whole nehru family belongs to muslim caste.they have taken hindu names to cheat and betray indian hindus. name are likes hindus to show themself as hindu but their evil deeds and dark mentality is against india.muslims are given a lot of subsidies but hindus not. rahul gandhi , better to say as rahul khan is a good gang rapist as he showed his performance in 2006 Amethi by raping an innocent girl SUKANYA DEVI. this crime was not reported or given enough coverage by media as indian media is a chameleon and smells like poooo. it chatters what money inspires them.some channels like IBN 7 , NEWS 24 ,NDTV are always in favour of congress. in the name of secularism indians are being cheated .foreign missionaries are converting hindus to christian or muslim.is it a secularism. it simply means u bastards are increasing yourself in numbers which is of no worth. in india children are told to worship all religions but others are always taught to divide india or spread terror. muslims came here , stayed here converted hindus to their religion. and overall they created their own country PAKISTAN(- A LAND OF TERROR AND BLOOD). WE STILL DONOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE MEDIA IS SHOWING TO US -WHENEVER THERE ARE NEWS OF OBSCENE ACTIVITIES BY BOYS AND GIRLS IT IS REPORTED AS LOVE OR SO CALLED SEXUAL FREEDOM. CONGRESS IS ANTI HINDUS. MEDIA IS TOO HAVING CONFUSED ROLE. WE HINDUS TOO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT WERE THE REASONS WE WERE SLAVE FRO THOUSAND OF YEARS- DONOT MAKE YOURSELF WEAK AND POOO BY SAYING ” VASUDAIV KUTAMBKAM-WHOLE WORLD IS ONE”. MAKE YOUR SELF DIE HEART.NO MERCY NOTHING. MERCY IS MEANT FOR WEAK. WE DONOT KNOW WHEN TO MAKE VIOLENCE AND WHEN TO ACCEPT NON-VIOLENCE. IF SOMEONE RAPES YOUR MOTHER AND SISTER INFRONT OF U , WILL U TAKE THE EXAMPLES OF MAHATMA BUDDH OR GANDHIJI OR U WILL FIGHT WHICH MENAS VIOLENCE .WHAT U WILL CHOOSE? FIRST MAKE YOURSELF DIE HEART , MAKE YOURSEL STRONG AND THEN TALK ABOUT NON-VIOLENCE OTHERWISE WEAK AND POO TALKS ABOUT NON-VIOLENCE BECAUSE HE IS AFRAID TO FIGHT. INDIA’s NON-VIOLENCE WAS SLAPPED BY WESTNER’s VIOLENCE. BE WARE DONOT SUPPORT ANTI HINDUS . SONIA GANDHI KHAN ( antonia) is very sly.congress has deposited black money in swiss bank. Thats why they are against baba ramdev and anna hazare and framing wrong charges against them. even if not now we will be rule by christians and muslims. your mothers and sisters will be raped similarly during moughal rule and british rule….jai hind….jai bharat mata ki.

  13. madhukar says:

    u r doing a great job my brother ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ths is the time to do somethng for our country,, n our indian culture

  14. kasab says:

    Hindus in India smile with happiness as a large cow craps on the floor of their home. They think this is a sure sign that their home has been blessed. Hindu’s in India smear cow dung across the entrance of their homes, and require anyone entering their home to step through the dung. Cow products made from dung and urine are known as goratna). Goratna products range from cow dung toothpaste, to detergents, a skin-whitening cream which is popular among dark-skinned Hindus.

  15. thineswaran says:

    Hindus will be forced 2 remain cowards under congress. Vote 4 change. JAIHIND

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