Most of the Hindu politicians, hypocritical pseudo secularists are busy in false propaganda that terrorist  have no  religion and it is not fare to attach the terrorist with Islam.Actually they do not know ISLAM and KORAN properly.Those wanted to confuse the general masses are tools in the hands of terrorist and are actually helping them for the success of terrorist’s mission .The formost  aim of the Islam,the religion of Muslims is to destroy the Kafirs and their  religion, culture(Kufr) In entire Muslim world,the muslim terrorists are engaged in deep study of Koran and its teachings from young age in Madrasa and as per order of their ALLAH , killing Kafir in different parts of the world..As per teachings of the Koran it is the most pious work for Allah and in other words this is the TRUE ISLAM.. The muslim terrorists those kill Kafir are the true and superb Muslims as per Koran.They areGAZI,BELOVED OF ALLAH and are welcomed in Firdaus,the heaven.HINDUS must understand that Koran is Islam and he who follow the ideals and teachings of  Koran strictly is the true Muslim.

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