In near future the Hindus of this country are going to face the biggest crisis of the history, which is clearly visible.Through series of  short articles we are trying to place the bitter and naked truth before the countrymen for their awakening.Whatever is being written here is for the security and welfare of the future generations .Please go through attentively ,think seriously  and act wisely,otherwise the future generations will  never forgive you .Where the truth is covered with hypocrisy,that society is bound to perish.Propagate truth and truth alone will save you.

As per teachings of KORAN and as per commandments of ISLAM,whosoever  worship God,Godess,Idol,NIRAKAAR or SAKAAR,Guru,Holy Book,whether he is from Sanatana Dharama,Buddhism,Jainism,Sikhism, all are KAFIR and  are called MUNIKER SA MUSHRIK and they are open enemies  of ISLAM.

As per order of the ALLAH ,every true follower of the ISLAM should fight the religious war JIHAD with KAFIR and should finish (kill) them or convert them to ISLAM  And if due to some reasons they are survived,should be treated and dealt as slave and Jazia etc.should be imposed on them.(as recently Taliban has imposed Jazia on SIKHS AND HINDUS in Swat valley).The country which is being ruled by KAFIR is DARULHARAB and it should be converted into DARULISLAM(Country ruled by Muslims).This the clear and open order of ISLAM and aim of the followers of ISLAM. and this the pious act done for ALLAH.In India it has already started in Kashmir  few years ago and now it is taking momentum in rest of the country .The Hindus of this country will face the biggest danger of the ISLAMIC  JIHAD of  TALIBAN in very near future.

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