As per Koran,any Muslim who fights(religious war, Jihad against Kafir is called Mujahid and if mujahid  kill   one Kafir he is called GAZI and in case the mujahid is killed during war against Kafir he becomes martyr, (Shahid) and he will have not to wait till Kayamat in grave for going to heaven Jannat  .The only alive terrorist of 26/11,Ajmal Kasaab too have confessed that he was briefed by the fundamentalists in Pakistan during brainwashing and religious training that as soon as any  Mojahid is killed during the holy war against kafirs ,a divine light will appear from sky and it will take the Mujahid  to FIRDAUS ,the heaven even,better thanJANNAT immediately.In Firdaus he will be welcomed with dozens of beautiful  wives with big eyes and beautiful palaces with  gardens and rivers,where he will  get the delicious foods of his choice in golden utensils and these luxuries will be made available to him for ever and ever.Because of this allurement thousands and thousands of fanatic Muslims from various Muslims countries like Pakistan, ,Afganistan,Sudan,Algeria and  Arabia are rushing towards India to fight JIHAD or religious war for killing Kafir HINDUS to get the title of GAZI and MUZAHDEEN and a place in FIRDAUS,( JANNAT ). They are not hired soldiers but fanatic Muslims GAZI and MUJAHDEEN,who have come voluntarily to fight religious war against non-Muslims especially Hindus But the biggest threat to the integrity of this country is confused billions of Indian Muslims getting inspirations from Muslim countries,  especially from Pakistan and  their possessive right to vote ,biggest weapon.of democracy,on strength of which they will be able to form the Government at New Delhi of fanatic religious MULLAH and then WHO WILL SAVE YOU?
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  1. Indian Army says:

    Ghazi is a title given to Muslim warriors or champions.
    It may be used out of respect or officially. Many of the Ottoman Sultans and Caliphs wore this title officially (as in Caliph Sultan Ghazi Mehmed II Khan Caesar), along with Khan and Caesar. Muslim champions, such as Saladin, may have this title added to their name (Ghazi Saladin) out of respect.

    and not if mujahid kill one Kafir he is called GAZI


    and Please stop speading roumers….all above is a lie…do your home work before u write…

  2. Kitty Garg says:

    Iblis Shaitan has launched Allah and Muhammad into the market through his unholy book Quran.
    Islam is religion of Shaitan. Allah is Shaitan. Quran and Hadiths are tools of Shaitan to carry out his evil work.
    Shaitan loves violence, as can be witnessed with muslim..
    I am writing some of the verses of shaitans scripture…
    What is this…??

    Quran 47:4….
    “Do not think for peace with the infidels ; chop their head down when you catch them”

    Quran 8:12…
    “Terrorise and chop their head who believes in scroptires other than Quran”

    Quran 8:80….
    “Muslim must master are the weapons to terrorise the infidels”

    Mr.Indian Army…Go through the complete verses of Quran and then reply…

  3. True Religions says:

    My Dear Kitty Garg,

    This is shows the hatred and the verses of Bhagwat Geeta Then Lord Krishna tell to Arjuna. IF you have guts to tell the truth. Then pelase mentiones the remaning verse numbers which you ahve copied from geeta and telling that its Quran verses.

    Or else if you 1st go and read Geeta. infact you have to start with Vedas, Upanishads. Because those are the reall books of hinduisum. We muslims are not blindling following Islam. We follow islam because we have Read you books and we find those also tell about Quran and single god which has not shape and cannot take any shape which u have now in temples.

    Dear Admin of this form please take some time and read you books before you spread this nonsense.

    There no where its writen that you have to tell lies and disgrace other Religions or any other faith. Not atleast in Quran.

    If at all i am not following islam then i will definatly tell bad things about other religion because that is what i got to learn from people like you.

    And also.. please mentions 4 lines before and after that above mentiones verses which will let you the truth.

  4. Reformer says:

    To Mr. True Religions:

    First you say these verses are from Geeta. And at last you’re telling to mention 4 lines before and after the above mentioned verses (as if its from quran). Please stop your hypocrisy. Anyone can see an online version of the quran to know that such verses are indeed there in the quran. There are web-sites such as Sacred Texts which contain religious scriptures. Anyone can check out these verses in the quran and know the truth. quran is full of hate and violence. Why don’t people understand that this is an evil ideology and should be dealt with.

  5. NoReligion says:

    Guys, Just stop being religious stupids. Religion is a personal belief, let’s b a responsible people in this great human society. One who blindly believe a religion and try to apply that on others is a terrorist to spoil society.

  6. Porkistan says:

    What the western world has found about the paedophile Maha Mad (Piss Be Upon Him) in the recent video is an eye opener to the civilized society.

  7. Jitender khurana says:

    I want to see the Reference of Quran in regard of definition of Ghazi. Can you pls share the particular chapter and point where it defines Ghazi.

  8. thineswaran says:

    The actual reward is 72 virgins. Muslim bastards kill simply 2 get more holes. Thats what their holy war is all about. Holy war for 72 holes

  9. Damodar says:

    Life has many colors to live joyfully, Young Wild n Free, JUST STOP THIS BULLSHIT

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