45MUSLIMS WILL RULE INDIAAt present there are around 20% Muslims in India and the way their number is increasing, by the year 2035 Muslim population is expected to reach 35% of the total India’s population. Because of the freedom to convert Hindus to Christianity, Christian too will be around 5% of the population of this country. and the Hindus will be reduced to around 60%.In any election, maximum 60% votes  are cast. As per our calculations by the year 2035 out of 60%vote cast ,Muslim’s contribution will be around 27%(because they are very enthusiasitic in casting their votes) and another 3% of Christians and rest of 30% Hindu votes  will divide in name of cast,language,province and secularism.Furthermore majority of Hindus are not sincere and serious       in casting their votes  and because of such weaknesses of Hindus ,most of the Parliament constitutencies,Muslim candidates will get elected and a fundamental Muslim Government will be  form at New Delhi.Once a Muslim majority fundamentalist formed,at later stage it will be converted into Islamic state as in Pakistan and Bangladesh.Thereafter the Muslims will takeover  Hindus’s entire wealth, assests,factories,land  buildings schools,colleges,hospitalsDharamshala etc and Jazia will be it has happened in Pakistan(on Sikhs recently) and Bangladesh.As per sermons,teachings contained in Koran, Kafir Hindus  will be killed and their daughters,women will be convereted to Islam and to keep Hindus away from formation of Government by way of democratic system in the name of Sharia,the Democracy will be wiped out from Indian political arena.This will be  the most grave and dangerous situation  which young Hindus are likely to face by year 2035.Young HINDU generation,which is preparing and struggling for bright future ,will be faced with DARK AND DISMAL FUTURE.

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  1. Bali says:

    Your statistics is totally wrong. As the Hindu votes are divided among many parties, so does the Muslim votes. In fact Congress party garnered more Hindu votes in percentage than Muslim votes. The fact that in a 85% majority Hindu nation Congress has ruled for about 50 years goes on to say that Hindus have overwhelmingly supported the Congress. Please don’t spread lies.

  2. I don’t disagree with this writing!!

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