Gandhi was a downright PACIFIST, without guts and SCRUPLES. His constant preaching to his fellow Hindus, to be non violent at all times, EVEN IN THE FACE OF AGGRESSION, paralyzed the manhood of India, mentally and physically, to such an extent that they were (and still are) a degenerated, docile, submissive and subservient race on earth, ever ready to appease and surrender (1947), get slaughtered (Kashmir) and be kicked (Uganda, 1972, and Fiji 1987 and 2000). The Ghandhi/Nehru dynasty has led of the rot of Bharat as we know today.

Ruinous duo

“I have admitted my mistake .I thought our struggle  was based on non violence,whereas in reality it was no more than passive resistance,which essentially is a weapon of the weak.It leads,naturally,to armed resistance wherever possible.-GANDHI

There are atleast three things ingrained in the Hindu mind about Mahatma Gandhi.One,he was pro Hindu,second he brought freedom to India.Third he was a Mahatma.All three are not free of question.

At the outset ,it needs to be made clear that Gandhi had pandered to muslim demand throughout his political career without caring for the sentiments of the Hindus.Before his death,he had gone on fast on the issue of the non payment of Rs.55 crore by India to Pakistan as the latter had invaded Kashmir.I this context,Mr. V.P.Menon has recorded that the welfare of the muslims was always uppermost in the mind Gandhi.He has written in the Transfer of Power in India “It was a cause most dear to his heart.He lived for it-indeed he eventually died for it.”


In 1946 and 1947,Jinnah And other muslim leaders asked for an exchange of population.Gandhi and Nehru did not lend an ear.Even Pyare Lal,Gandhi’s secretary had suggested and exchange of population after the Noakhali riots.The congress party agreed to India’s division on religious  basis,but did not ask Muslims to leave for their Darul Islam.Muslims all over the world,are happy that Jinnah created a new country for the Indian Muslims.What is it that we Hindus should be proud of?As a citizen, we do have right to ask this question ,is this great ancient country was the personal property of Gandhi,Nehru and Congress party?

Betrayal , has always been  the hallmark of Hindu leadership.What distinguishes the Hindu leaders from others is their lust for self promotion.Hindu leaders of all hues and shades have encouraged Hindu disunity and have thrived on it.

Jai Chand,the greatest traitor of the Indian history,takes the credit for being the first Hindu leader whose betrayal led to the advent of  muslim rule in India in 1206AD.Mahatma Gandhi was the next great Hindu leader who commenced his political career by leading the Khilafat movement in 1920-a patently anti national and anti-Hindu act..The failure of Khilafat movement led to communal riots in Malabar.Thousands of Hindus were killed and thousands of others were forcibly converted to Islam.(Please go through MOPLAH by Veer Savarkar).Sir Sankaran Nair and Annie Beasant squarely blamed Gandhi for the slaughter of innocent Hindus..Gandhi,however, praised Moplahs,the killers,for being “among the bravest in the land”.They are God fearing”(Young India September 1921)

Later ,when Swami Shradhanand was murdered in Delhi by by a muslim fanatic,Gandhi called Abdul Rashid,the killer,a brother.Gandhi also had little respect for Hindu leaders,who had sacrificed their lives for protecting Hindu faith.He called Guru Gobind Singh ,Maharaja Ranjit Singh,Shivaji and Maharana Pratap misguided patriots.

Baba Sahib B.R.Ambedkar was also surprised at the anti-Hindu stance of Gandhi.In his book Thought on Pakistan,he wrote”These are not the only things which Gandhi has done to build up Hindu-Muslim unity.He has never called the Muslims to account even when they have been guilty of gross crimes against the Hindus”

Mahatma Gandhi brought freedom to India is another misconception,a big lie.Some 46 countries got freedom after India and they had no Gandhi to lead them..Birtain left them brcause it became economically unviable to hold on to these colonies under British Empire.Another reason why British left India was because the Muslims had overwhelmingly voted for the creation of Pakistan in 1945-46 election and there was every possibility of civil war breaking out in India.

While India was burning  in 1947,Gandhi was busy writing a series of articles in the Harijan about his desire to renounce the flesh and all his temptations;it should be possible for a man dedicated to God to lie in bed with the most beautiful woman on earth and feel not the slightest desire for her.The people of India were less interested in the problems of Brahamacharya and ahimsa than in knowing whether they would live or die.

Franoic Gautier in his book “Rewriting Indian History”has observed about Gandhi’s whitewash of Muslims “Ultimately,it must be said that whatever his saintness,his extreme and somehow rigid asceticism,Gandhi did enormous harm to India-The British must have rubbed their hands in glee,here was a man who perfecting their policy of divide and rule.For ultimately no one contributed more to the partition of India,by his obsession to always give into the muslims,by his indulgence of Jinnah,going as far as proposing to make him the Prime Minister of India.”

Gandhi was a mahatma was also questioned by political leaders and journalist.Beverley Nicholo,a British journalist wrote the following about Gandhi in his book Verdict on India,”Nobody can dare to criticise him and yet remain member of congress.A host of prominent congress leaders had to leave the congress as they had the displeasure of the Mahatma Gandhi…Nariman,Khare,Subhash Chander Bose,Roy and Rajagopalachari,all at one time held positions of immense influence in the congress,but their difference of opinion with one man alone in the congress,Gandhi,led to their permanent expulsion.”

Gandhi   failed miserably on every front and did not see the glow of independence , felt lonely and forsaken.His intense remorse is apparent from his  death wish which found  expression in the following words:

“I have no zest left to live for 125 years now.If I have to become a helpless spectator to all this violence,it is best that I go now.

He further added

“My life’s work seems  to be over,I hope God will spare me further humiliation”

Godse,who killed Gandhi,sacrificed his life to give Gandhi, status of Martyr, and saved him from further humiliations .

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  3. STORY OF BETRAYLS:VISITING THE MAHATMA GANDHI-By SATYAMITRA Hinduawaken’s Weblog Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  4. Tube8 says:

    Your way of describing all in this article is
    really fastidious, every one can without difficulty know
    it, Thanks a lot.

  5. rajeshwari says:

    Thank you very much for trying to keep us half-live or half-dead, God knows what we should be called, awaken.

  6. Vishuddhi says:

    Its nice that you have compiled a lot of info regd. our history. But your views on Gandhi are again one sided. If one has understood ‘Ahimsa’ and Truth in its level of realization then only one can understand what Gandhi meant or did as he did. These are the core principles of Hinduism and must be seen in its absolute universal spirit. Gandhi’s actions are but an honest human effort towards that large goal. In the world they may seem wrong, awkward and wasteful but in its core they are far greater.than normal human understanding. All actions of the rishis come under this category. From Shiva to Krishna to Vivekananda to Gandhi in their descending order.
    Gandhi’s aim for sarvodya surpass any western thought, movement etc. We should draw bigger line besides Muslims to belittle their actions and effects for all times to come. Get together, unity for a good cause is path of dharma and only a Yogi can surpass all the negativities of life around him. So strive to become Yogi like Arjun to fight the evil. That Dharam yudh will be justified for all times to come.

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