Hindu bashing seems to have become the definition of secularism among the hypocritical secular politicians, journalists and intelligentsia of this country. Bad Hindus are considered good secularists or in other words must secularists be anti-Hindus?Secularism as a modern ideology has been in crisis in Indiafor the last thirty years and it does not have much future either.Every one knows it,but only few admit it.Tell me the name of one hero of secularism,who can be called true secularist.Our intellectuals want to impose their rotten ideas which are actually second hand western ideas..This is ridiculous.India as a society must tap traditional sources of amity rather than harp on’secularism”.The most of communalists  and fundamentalists are posing themselves as true secularist.With secular mask on their face they are always at ease to to befool Hindu intelligesia. We have never heard Javed Akhtar,his wife Shabana Azami, finding some thing good in Hindusism and Hindus..Most of the time as and when they get opportunity to speak on TV show they were found accusing , abusing and spitting venom on Hindus.They only speaks for Terrorist’s humanrights,plight of muslims,Gujrat riots and atrocities on Muslims.In every political party there are  creed of such muslim politicians,who never spare any opportunity to act in the way as Zaved Akhtar.For Muslim politicians  the political parties  are the forum to speak only and only for Muslims, the party may be BSP,SP,CONGRESS,RJD,CPM etcThe politician may be.Mr.Shahid Siddique , Rashid Alvi,.Mr.Mohd Saleem of CPM Salman Khursheed,Jafar Sharif,Abdul Rehman Antulay.Gulam Nabi Azad Shakeel Ahmed and Sayed Shabuddin(editor muslim India) Abu Azami,Mohd Azam Khan and many more.There are many Muslim Dons,Mafias elected on different party’s tickets as MP and MLA and are most fanatic, believe me they are the true secularists.Few years back,a letter to the editor was published in The Pioneer July15,2005 byM.Krishna Prasad,Prabhat Patnaik,Namvar Singh,Rajendra Yadav,Prabhash Joshi,Nirmala Deshpande and others of some Kaifi Azami Foundation to investigate properly the attack in Ayodhya from all angles as they smelled Hindus’s hand in it.The then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mr.Mulayam Singh Yadav added a new dimension to such secular assaults,by organizing its national convention in Hardwar on October 14 & 15 ,2005 and of all the places,HAR KI PAURI,the most sacred Hindu bathing place was chosen to host Iftar.These are the ways of perverse politicians to prove their “secular”credentials before the muslim vote bank.No less discgraceful is the silence of a section of the media in such cases.After the Godhra carnage,the pseudo secularists mafias gave their own secular commentary,they condemn the crime,but blame the vicitims.I would like to quote few lines from Hindustan Times dated 01.03.2002,wherein Mr Vir Sanghvi in his editorialHAVE  WE BECOME PRISIONERRS OF OUR OWN SECULAR RHETORIC? has summerise the incident .

Try and take the incident out of the secular construct that we,in India have perfected and see how bizarre such an attitude sounds in other contexts.Did we say that New York had it coming when the Twin Towers were attacked last year?Then too,there was enormous resentment among fundamentalist Muslims about America’s policies,but we didn’t even consider whether this resentment was justified or not.Instead we took the line that all sensible people must take any massacre is bad and deserves to be condemned.”Mr Sanghvi further stated “But there comes a time when this kind of of rigidly’secularist’ construct not only goes too far,it also becomes counter productive,when everybody  can see  that a trainload of Hindus was massacred by a Muslim mob,you gain nothing by blaming the murders on VHP or argueing that the dead men and women had it coming to them.”Not only does this insult the dead(what about the  children?Did they also have it coming?),but it also insults the intelligence of the reader.Even moderate Hindus,of the sort that loathe the VHP ,are  appalled by the stories that are now coming out of Gujrat;stories with uncomfortable reminders of 1947 with detail about how the bogies were first locked from outside and then set on fire and how the women’s compartment suffered the most damage.”
The pseudo secularist and muslim vote grabber  mafias went to such extents that they forgot the basic human values and tried to prove by Banerjee commission that victims set fire themselves”Nearly every non-BJP leader who appeared on TV and almost all the media have treated  the massacre as response to Ayodhya movement.Any media-indeed,socalled secular establishment that fails to take into account the genuine concerns of people risks losing  its own creditbility..Something like that happened in mid eighties when an aggressive hard secularism on the part of bias  press and government led even moderate  Hindus to believe that they had become second  class citizen in their own country.It was the Hindu backlash that brought the Ayodhya movement-till then a fringe activity to the forfront and fuelledthe rise of .LK.Advani and BJP.”

“My fear is that something similar will happen once again.The VHP will ask the obvious question of Hindus:why is it a tragedy when staines is burnt alive and merely an ‘inevitable political development’when the same fate befalls 57 karsewaks?”’Because,as secularists,we can provide no good answer,it is the VHP’s responses that will be believed.Once again,Hindus will believe that their suffering is of no consequence and will be tempted to see the building of temple at Ayodhya as an expression of Hindu pride in the face of secular indifference.”The biggest  question we need to ask to the so called pseudo,hypocritical secularists,come out of the shell,you are prisoners of your own rhetoric,that you could not see even a horrific massacre and took this tragedy as a occasion for HINDU BASHING.



सेकुलरिस्टों को शर्म भी नही आती , आँख में आंसू,ऐसी  दरिंदगी  देख कर

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  2. paul says:

    my dear brother, India people Hindu, Muslim and all other religion one family so we no need sanparivar moto. To day office news above issue terror Mr. Barmar (he is not Muslim) please think frist we all brother and friends



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