“After a study of some  forty years and more of the the great religions of the world,I find none so philosophical,and none so spiritual,as the great religion known by the name HINDUISM.The more you know it,the more you will love it,the more you try to understand it,the more deeply will you value it.”Dr.Annie Beasent had this great feeling about Hinduism,but stark tragedy is that enemies within Hindu folds are trying to damage the image of the Hindus and Hinduism.The powerful anti Hindu electronic and print media which is owned and run by Hindus has emerged as biggest threat to HINDUS.

Divided Hindu society  has completely failed  to counter the propaganda and ugly  damaging tactics of anti Hindu forces.The need of the time is to get united,but how?


The most of our Hindu organizations are run on parallel lines, running short of funds and hands,one mission refusing to help the other,each  having its own God to worship,with common Hindus going  to all of them,without getting a shield,an Armour to protect himself.If HINDUISM and INDIA are one,then our different Hindu organizations should  come forward to combat malicious attacks on Hindu society,should seriously and sincerely discuss the remedy,join the dividing lines.The making of new fake GODS too has harmed the Hindu society to great extent.The Hindu faith is being divided,thousands of new temples have come up in recent time of SAI BABA, a Muslim Fakir clad in Muslim  dress is being worshiped in HINDU temples at par along with HINDU GODS and GODDESS.This is the biggest conspiracy which has been hooked by anti-Hindu forces and Hindus have been trapped in it.
Why the different Hindu organizations always keep themselves away from each other? It is strange that some of them thought of coming together on the same platform only after the Meenakshipuram debacle.And after this Meenakshipuram lesson is forgotten.The result is before us ,the flag Hindu organizations are being attacked continuously ,being framed as terrorist organizations,and it seems that the anti-Hindu media and Politicians have gear up to settle the scores .HINDU bashing is  their daily routine.KANDHMAL is the glaring example where the accused are being treated as victims. The martyrdom of Swami Lakshmnanad Sarswati by anti Hindu forces will inspire thousands and thousands of HINDU missionaries.One lamp lights other lamp,and there is light all around.Nothing is difficult,what is required is the will to work,to kill self,to place service before preaching
If you make the HINDUS strong ,you need not abuse the non-Hindus.By vilifying the non Hindus,you do not necessarily make the Hindus robust.AWAKEN THE HINDUS,FROM THEIR DORMANT SLEEP,invigorate them with a new life,and you will succeed.Love wins,hatred loses.The cause of HINDUISM,OF HINDUSTAN is served by serving the poor.Dozens of spiritual and religious channels are on air for 24 hours preaching  and giving sermons,but nobody is bothered to help the underdog,the under-privileged,the Handicapped,the frustrated HINDUS.All lectures and sermons are devoted to them,but no concrete help is forthcoming.If we believe…….
that HINDUISM AND INDIA are wedded and welded to each other,then HINDUS  must unite.The need of the time is to help poor those are in dismal,uplift the suppressed HINDUS.Work for dynamic HINDUISM and not sanctimonious HINDUISM.Sitting on a throne,just because you are enjoying the limelight of patronage and funds,allowing smaller men to hide in a hole is detrimental for the HINDU SOCIETY.



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